Language & Training Centre (LTC)

Language & Training Centre (LTC)

Language courses

The Language & Training Centre (LTC ) of the Erasmus University provides high quality language courses for Dutch and international students. For proof of the English language, this is not the place to obtain it as we accept the official TOEFL and IELTS only. For the local languages the LTC has many courses to offer, ones which take place at the university or some which take place at a language institute that they work with. Please visit or email for more information.

Language tests via the LTC

You can do a language test to determine at which level you are and/or to determine which language course you should take if the level is lower than required by the International Office of RSM and/or the partner school. In order to determine your level and to get an official proof of this, the LTC offers the following:

You can do a Spanish language assessment for which you will obtain an official result. Of course you will also be able to use this result to determine which language course you should take but with the assessment, costs are involved.

The LTC also offers a Spanish intake, free of charge. This intake consists of a short oral test (conversation with a teacher) only to determine for which course you can enroll. For this you will not get an official result.

If you need official proof of your level for the French or German language, the LTC will refer you to the language institutes called Alliance Française ( or the Goethe Institute ( Both institutes offer language tests and language courses. If you would like to do the language test purely to get proof of your level, make sure you clearly mention this to the institute.

The Spanish language assessment, official proof of your level of the German or French language or an official certificate mentioning that you obtained the required level by successfully passing the language course can be used as proof for the application:

  • at the International Office of RSM (the minimum requirements set by RSM can be found under "Specific language requirements (next to English)";
  • at most European and Latin American partner schools. Do keep in mind that partner schools might ask for a higher score than the minimum requirements set by RSM .

For more detailed information:

Make sure you register in time for the language course and/or test!