Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Incoming Bachelor exchange students participate in courses of the Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration (IBA) which is a 3-year undergraduate programme. The academic year is divided upon a trimester-based system. Exchange students are welcome in any of the three trimesters. It is also possible to stay for more than one trimester.

The academic calendar roughly looks as follows:

  • Trimester 1 starts the first week of September and ends the first week of November or third week of December (10-15 weeks) 
  • Trimester 2 starts the first week of January and ends the last week of March (12 weeks) 
  • Trimester 3 starts the last week of March and ends the last week of June (13 weeks)


Between trimester 1 and 2 there is a winter break of 2 weeks.

Between trimester 2 and 3 there is a spring break of 1 week.

Introduction programme
Prior to each trimester, an introduction programme is organized. This programme is compulsory for all incoming students. After you have been nominated, you will receive a Welcome Mail in which the date of the introduction programme is announced to you. The Introduction programme consist of a informative presentation and an activity. This introduction is mandatory.