Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Incoming Bachelor exchange students participate in courses of the Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration (IBA) which is a 3-year undergraduate programme. The academic year is divided upon a trimester-based system. Exchange students are welcome in any of the three trimesters. It is also possible to stay for more than one trimester.

The academic calendar roughly looks as follows:

  • Trimester 1 starts the first week of September and ends the first week of November or third week of December (10-15 weeks) 
  • Trimester 2 starts the first week of January and ends the last week of March (12 weeks) 
  • Trimester 3 starts the last week of March and ends the last week of June (13 weeks)


Between trimester 1 and 2 there is a winter break of 2 weeks.

Between trimester 2 and 3 there is a spring break of 1 week.

Introduction programme
Prior to the start of the exchange programmes (end of August & beginning of January, an introduction programme is organized. This programme is strongly recommended for all incoming students in order not to miss out on important information. Of course, it is also THE day to meet all fellow students.

Due to the small number of students joining us in March for Trimester 3 only, a smaller welcome meeting is organized. This welcome will take place in the first week of courses.