What does the selection process look like?

What does the selection process look like?

Initial selection

The initial selection is based on your application form. The Selection Committee will first check if you fulfill the basic requirements for the Bachelor Exchange. If  you do not meet the selection criteria, you can no longer participate in the selection process. Those concerned will be notified by email around mid-January 2020.

Then they will check if you fulfill all requirements for the chosen universities (top 3 and 10 alternatives) before reading the rest of your application form and your motivation letter. 

Matching of students and exchange spots

When all the selection criteria have been checked, the Selection Committee will proceed with the selection and placement of the candidates. The committee will take the sequence of preferred universities into account but it is often difficult to match preferred destinations with the available exchange places.

The committee starts with the selection for the most competitive destinations, which have many applications and few available places. This way they go through the various destinations, in declining order. Because of the tough competition among students, the selection process for certain destinations will be more rigid than for other destinations. Therefore, the opportunities for students who have lower scores on the selection criteria to be placed are limited. Students that do not get their first choice will compete for placement in their second choice destination, and so on.