Grade point average (GPA)

Grade point average (GPA)

You are eligible to apply for the exchange programme when your average weighted grade for all of your Bachelor 1 courses is at least a 6.5. The weighted average is calculated using the total number of EC of courses that you have completed from Bachelor 1, including credits and grades from compensated courses for which you scored between 4.5 and 5.4, and excluding credits and grades from courses for which you received an exemption. Always use the final grades, rounded to the nearest 100th of a decimal in your calculations.

Our online application system is linked to OSIRIS which makes it possible to upload your courses and grades automatically. We have posted a GPA calculation sheet in our Blackboard course “RSM Bachelor Exchange (see under tab: “Application & Info”) for your convenience so you can calculate your Bachelor 1 GPA yourself. Be sure to add the grade your received (between 4.5-5.4) for your compensated course!

If you have received any exemptions then you do not need to include them in your GPA calculations (simply remove the EC from the calculation sheet). This sheet is purely for your own information and to make sure that you know your own GPA for your first year courses; after the application deadline we will calculate the “correct” GPA for all students.

Certain destinations have higher Bachelor 1 GPA requirements than others, so you should closely review these specific requirements before completing your application. This GPA prerequisite which applies to certain destinations represents the only influence that a student’s GPA has on the exchange selection process. Please have a look at  the overview under the section “Partner Schools BSc” which indicates the minimum weighted average grade of Bachelor 1 you need in order to make a fair chance during the selection procedure.

After calculation you end up with a 6.9578. Rounded to the nearest 100th of a decimal will make it a  6.96. From there we do not round the grades anymore. If you e.g. end up with the 6.96, you will not be able to apply for destinations for which a minimum of a 7 is required. This is different from what you are used to at RSM. However we need to work with this as we have partner schools asking for a minimum GPA who work with a different way of rounding grades.