Application & Selection

Application & Selection

The deadline for application for the 2017-2019 DM2 selection is Wednesday 31 January 2018, 16:00 CET. Applications must be delivered to Gina Kim, Double Degree Programme Manager at Mandeville T5-13 by the indicated deadline. If it not possible to submit your application at the Programme Manager's office, then you may also deliver it to the Programme Manager's mailbox at Mandeville T5-17.

Every year, approximately 12 RSM bachelor students are selected to participate in the DM2 programme. Students are selected based on several criteria, including excellent study results, study progress within the nominal period, language skills and solid motivation. Students must have obtained a minimum weighted average grade of 7.0 by the time of application.

The DM2 programme may be pursued with one of the following RSM master programmes as the first of the double degrees: 

For complete information about the DM2 programme, selection criteria, and application, please refer to the DM2 brochure, available in the right menu of this webpage.

NOTE: at the time of writing the DM2 brochure for outgoing students is not yet available. We will do our best to make the brochure available in the very near future.