Application & Selection

Application & Selection

In June (fall term applications) and October/November (spring term applications), we will be recruiting Exchange Ambassadors. We will post information and a link to the registration form on the Facebook pages and all SIN-Online channels of all RSM Master and Bachelor Programmes. 

The registration is now open for the spring term applications. Application form.

Deadlines are mentioned in the registration form. An indication for the deadlines:

between mid-June and mid-July for the fall term
between mid-October and mid-November for the spring term

Selection for participation in the ICP/Buddy Programme is based on the following criteria:

  • Student status;
  • Study progress;
  • Motivation;
  • Study results;
  • Language skills;
  • Students’ additional activities / working experience.

Another option is to be an Exchange Ambassador for a group of exchange students and not participate in the ICP. You will not receive credits for this, however, there are a lot of benefits in this as well. Information and application forms will be provided via the Facebook and SIN-Online channels.