Application process

Application process

Application – 3 steps

Before your start filling you out the online application form for the master exchange programme, you are strongly recommended to make yourself familiar with the contents of the website pages on the master exchange programme.

Step 1. Prepare your application:

• Please read this website carefully, especially the selection criteria.• Visit at least one virtual information session in October 2020 (date + time to be announced) during the Study Abroad Fair. The time of this specific information session on the master exchange takes will be announced soon.  • Subscribe to the SIN-Online channel “RSM Master Exchange”. • Check the language requirements (see selection) and register for a language level test (TOEFL/IELTS or language course in good time. • Enrol in the open “RSM Master Exchange” module on Canvas. 

Step 2. Complete your application online here:

Information and uploads required in the online application:
• Personal information, such as your contact details, student ID, uploaded picture.
• RSM student status, such as year of enrolment, programme, results of your bachelor programme.
• Language skills: upload proof of your language skills (TOEFL or IELTS , ITP TOEFL, or proof that you did your Bachelor programme in English).
• Details of prior or other education.
• A maximum of three of your most relevant extra-curricular activities, such as an internship, job, student association, RSM activities, or volunteer work. Upload your C.V.
• State your three preferred destinations, and any alternative suggestions.
• A preliminary proposal indicating your choice of courses at your preferred destinations. This preliminary proposal can be changed after you have been selected.
• A copy of your passport’s detail’s page.
• Motivation letter. 

 Step 3. Submit online your application + uploads (language, passport, C.V.) not later than Friday January 8, January 2021

• Once submitted, no further alterations can be made.
• Keep a printout of your completed online application for yourself to prepare for the interview.