When can I go?

When can I go?

Except for one master free elective, all other master programme course components and the thesis (defense) need to be completed prior to the exchange. Also an exchange on top of your second Master programme is an option. You are then advised to leave a course open from your 1st Master programme to avoid the non-EU tuition fee. At all times you need be enrolled for a Master programme at RSM during your exchange.

See ideal order below.

September-December 2020

January 2021 February-June 2021 Autumn 2021

Block I:  Core Courses (11 EC)

Block II: Core Courses (11 EC)

Research Skills (4 EC)

(Programme) Electives Block III. IV, V (18 EC)

of which the free elective (6 EC) needs to be done abroad. 


MSc Graduation 


Exchange Abroad

(20 EC of which 6 is spent on free elective)

Master Trajectory   Master Trajectory (16 EC)  
Start with online application for Master Exchange Deadline to submit online application Master exchange results will be announced.