How can I reduce costs during my exchange?

How can I reduce costs during my exchange?

The following information may also help to you to reduce your extra costs.

Subletting your room during your exchange

Subletting your room during your exchange period can reduce exchange costs, and using your room will help us to accommodate incoming exchange students.

There is always a shortage of rooms for exchange students studying in Rotterdam. If you want to rent out your room temporarily you can use the housing webpage: This webpage was developed to bring student accommodation supply and demand together; and it operates student-to-student, without using intermediaries.

You can also check out the Facebook group “RSM Exchange Students 2021-2022” and interact with international students coming to Rotterdam for their exchange who may want to rent your room. This page will be launched after the selection in 2020. If you sublet your room via HousingAnywhere, post the link to your room here on Facebook.

Student grants and loans & reimbursement of OV student card

Dutch students will continue to receive student grants and loans while abroad. Students who receive a student grant from DUO and who take components of their Dutch university studies abroad are entitled to receive approximately ¤ 100 per month instead of their OV student card. Leisure travel time before or after your exchange programme is not calculated in this period. To receive timely reimbursement you should submit your request to DUO at least two months before departure. Request forms are available at the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC) in the E-building, and on DUO’s website:  The International Office of RSM can sign this form.

ERASMUS+ grant / scholarschip

The European education programme is the programme that financially supports students who will be exchanged to universities in any EU and EEA/EFTA country. Students can not send in an application for this grant individually. Therefore, after the exchange selection, the International Office makes sure that the central EUR International Office (responsible for the administration of the Erasmus+ programme) receives a list of all selected students eligible for this grant. The central EUR International Office will inform those students how to proceed with their application for the Erasmus+ programme grant. See also:

Be aware: students going to our partner schools EADA (Barcelona) or Imperial College (London) are not eligible for the Eramus+ grant. This has to do with the private status of both schools. Students going to these schools, are eligible to apply for the master exchange scholarship, see above.

For all questions on the Erasmus+ grant, please send email to

Erasmus Trustfonds / A.A. van Beek Fonds

The Erasmus Trustfund (including A.A. van Beek Fonds) is the official support fund of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Students are welcome to apply for financial support, if:

  • the applicant is a full time student at Erasmus University Rotterdam,
  • The applicant has not received financial support from A.A. van Beek Fonds before,
  • The applicant will pass courses abroad for at least 15 EC,
  • The exchange is part of the curriculum,
  • The applicant does not receive a Erasmus+ scholarship,
  • The applicant can provide proof that he/she qualifies for an additional scholarship from the Dutch government (DUO supplementary grant).

Information and application forms can be found here: or or

The International Office’s letter of confirmation which will be sent to you after selection, can serve as evidence that your exchange period counts towards your degree at RSM. This proof is necessary for the application for this scholarship.

Refund tuition fee

If you have paid tuition fee for a full academic year, you can ask for a refund for the remaining months after your exchange (except for July & August). Be aware! You can only de-register from Studielink once you have been awarded with your Master diploma. So if you are still in the conversion mode (processing your courses abroad into your home studies) you can not de-register!

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