How much does an exchange cost?

How much does an exchange cost?

A study experience abroad always involves additional costs such as:

  • + half a year RSM tuition fee (which includes the period after your exchange when you have to wait for your results from the partner school, processing your courses abroad into your home studies and finally issuing of your master diploma),
  • visas (if necessary),
  • insurance,
  • travel expenses,
  • accommodation,
  • living expenses, and other.

The total amount of additional costs depends on the destination and your personal expenses. For example, experiences have taught us that a 4-month exchange in N-America cost around € 10,000.

Please do make sure that you make a realistic budget overview for yourself before deciding where you would like to go. Do not calculate receiving possible scholarships or grants within this budget overview as you can never be sure if you will actually receive them. If you do, see it as extra spending money.

For example:

Some universities in countries such as the USA or Australia need proof that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay at the host university. Selected students for these universities need to show evidence at the time of application (around February) at the host university that they have the equivalent of approximately $ 5,000 or more on their or their parents’ bank account. In some cases, grants and scholarships are available.