The selection criteria explained

The selection criteria explained

There are several mandatory requirements which you must fulfil in order to be considered eligible for a master exchange and/or for a specific destination in particular. The following selection criteria guarantee that each student has sufficient qualifications and motivation to study successfully abroad. The selection committee applies all criteria, as outlined below.

To be selected to go on exchange, you must fulfil several mandatory requirements. The following selection criteria guarantee that each student has sufficient qualifications and motivation to study successfully abroad:


 At the time of selection (January 2020):

  1. All applying students must have achieved a minimum average weighted grade of 6.5 in their bachelor programme at RSM or another university. If you want to apply for business schools in North America, your average weighted bachelor grade should surpass a 7.5. For traditional popular destinations, your average should surpass a 7.0.

    To find out the specific requirements for a partner, please see the section Partner schools MSc and download the overview. 
  2. At the time of application, current master students must have completed at least 2 of their master core courses of their Block 1. In all cases, students should bring their most recent Osiris print out, which shows ALL core courses results, to the interview which takes place early February 2020.

    Students awaiting re-sit results should inform the International Office since the timing of these results may clash with the period in which they are selected and/or nominated at the partner school.
    At all times, students must study in the nominal timespan of their programme, this means that you MUST have completed your entire exam programme EXCEPT for one master free elective, though including the master thesis trajectory – BEFORE you go on exchange.  Master in Management students must leave one module open in the course "Your future career" prior to exchange. Thus all core courses, most electives and the master thesis must have been completed before you set off to our partner school.
  3. Students must show proof of their language skills required for the school they apply for.
  4. Students must write a motivation letter which is primarily based on the study programme and their goals to be achieved abroad.
  5. Students must demonstrate that they are mature, independent, flexible and responsible by extra-curricular activities. Participation in RSM activities is a big plus for selection.
  6. Students must be aware that they represent RSM and fulfill an ambassadors role abroad.
  7. Students applying for MBA level programmes (most schools in N-America and Asia) must have at least one year of working experience (internships, part-time (management) job).

(*) Not applicable to students in the MSc Finance & Investments Advanced and MScBA Master in Management programme!