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Cargill - Unilever



Partnership Unilever and Cargill

Cargill and Unilever worked in partnership to verify German oilseed rape production against the Unilever sustainable agriculture code, building on an initial pilot project started in 2008. A positive outcome of the work is that Cargill and Unilever now have established a repeatable model that can be applied to drive sustainability within other oilseed crops in the future. Through this commitment on rapeseed, Unilever, Cargill and farmers will agree annual improvement plans beyond those required by mandated European good agricultural practice. This will include optimizing agricultural inputs and agreeing biodiversity action  plans to support environmental and habitat enhancement. Such actions will involve increasing available habitat for insects, including wild bees.

"Unilever has a bold ambition: to double the size of its business whilst halving the environmental impact of its products. In 2011 we increased the volume of sustainable sourced agricultural raw materials to 24 percent from 10 percent in 2010. This shows we are making good progress. However, to achieve our ambition, it is vital that we work in closer partnership with our strategic suppliers like Cargill,” says David Pendlington, Unilever Procurement Operations Manager - Sustainable Sourcing. “Today’s announcement demonstrates the strength and commitment of our partnership. Cargill is a strategic partner for our oils and foods ingredients. We recognize their leadership role in converting to sustainable oils,” Pendlington added.

“Our partnership with Unilever is an example of both our companies’ strong commitment to supporting responsible supply chains,” said Juergen Keil. Supply chain director, Cargill Refined Oils Europe. “We are combining our supply chain expertise and industry knowledge to provide customers with choices to meet their particular requirements. We are very pleased to partner with Unilever and see this as a big step forward towards sustainability in rapeseed oil and other oilseed crops.”

Focus workshop

With the launch of Unilever’s Compass strategy, sustainability was put high on the corporate agenda. The challenge was how to translate a corporate vision in tangible goals and an underpinning program. Unilever realised early on this is impossible to achieve without the support of the supplier base. In this workshop we will share Unilever’s corporate ambitions in the area of sustainability and show our approach with suppliers to elevate this agenda. An example will be shared in the area of oil supply by Cargill one of the suppliers which support the program.

People who will facilitate the workshop:

Caroline Sikking- Sustainability Manager Cargill Refined Oils Europe

Arthur Fellinger - Procurement Operations Director Unilever