Eneco - World Wildlife Fund

Eneco - World Wildlife Fund

Partnership Eneco and WWF

Eneco’s vision is: sustainable energy for everyone. In the long term, this will generate most economic and social value. We want our customers to be able to count on reliable and affordable energy, today and in the future. In order to achieve that Eneco is focusing on smart use of energy and renewable energy,  participating in the WWF Climate Savers programme plays an important role in realising our ambition.

For instance, WWF-Netherlands and Eneco work together to develop the concept of a ‘smart energy city’. This will result in a pilot area where residents produce their own energy. The pilot project will have smart grids to enable this decentralized production and stimulates customers to save energy.

“Eneco is working towards a world running on 100% renewable energy. We can help ensure the future availability of energy and protect nature by fighting climate change. The partnership with WWF’s Climate Savers programme will contribute to inspire and motivate others towards sustainability.” Jeroen de Haas, CEO

Focus workshop

We will discuss the way the partnership was established; what is happening when a commercial company and a non-profit organization partner? What are the lessons learned, and how do we do now, three years on the way?  

 People who will facilitate the workshop:

Joost van der Veldt – project leader WWF Netherlands

Gerben Meijer – manager Sustainability Eneco Energie