KPMG RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award

KPMG RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award

KPMG RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award

Formerly known as the KPMG BSM Master Thesis Award, the KPMG RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award has broadened its scope after a successful collaboration with Sustainable RSM which included merging with another award scheme; the RSM Green Master Thesis Award.

One of the core values of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) is the pursuit of sustainability, both in its own operations and in research and teaching. Therefore, the Master Thesis Award aims to honor work which combines academic excellence and business relevance in the subject of sustainability management.

Eligible theses from the last two academic years (2011-2012) were preselected by an RSM committee on the basis of grade (at least 8.5), practical applicability, and sustainability relevance. The pre-selected theses are perused by an external jury, who determine the winner and runner-up from a final shortlist of five theses, according to their academic excellence, environmental merits, and business relevance.

Our jury is composed of four external jurors, they are:

·         Jan van den Herik, director Strategy & Innovation at KPMG, joined KPMG in 1996. After delivering professional services as management consultant to clients on human resource and change management, business ethics and corporate governance he developed in 2005 the CSR strategy and became the first director Corporate Social Responsibility with KPMG Netherlands. At the same time he was appointed for four years (2005-2009) as director of the national CSR business network of multinational companies in the Netherlands. Jan is since 2007 chair of the jury of the KPMG-RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award (before named: Business Society Master Thesis Award) and is since 2006 member of the jury of the Echo Award Foundation, a national prize for excellent bachelor and master students with a minority background.

·         Tim van Kooten has a career in advertising (Van Maanen, Ogilvy & Mather) and in Shell Nederland of market research, retail sales, chemical economics and management training. For 10 years he was issues manager, advising Shell management teams on understanding issues and engaging with stakeholders. In 2002 he was awarded 'Communication Manager of the Year'. At his retirement in 2004 the 'Financieel Dagblad' reviewed his work in an exit interview heading 'Shell Group Bridgebuilder demobilises'. One of these bridges is between Shell and EUR University. From the start he joined Jan van den Herik as a Jury member for the KPMG-EUR Award.

·         Jan Bom is editor-in-chief of P+ People Planet Profit, the leading Dutch magazine on Corporate Sustainable Development (CSR). Established in 2002 this media platform presents Best Practices and ‘the people that matter’. Bom is owner of this enterprise that also publishes a digital weekly eZine, daily news and organises meetings and conferences on actual developments. As a trained journalist, Bom has with experience in the field of newspapers, magazines and communication services for companies, NGO’s and trade union organisations. He won a European Award as Journalist of the Year.

·         Elfrieke van Galen is partner at TheRockGroup and holds several supervisory positions. She has a background in law and broad managerial experience in the logistics and service industry. She held positions as Managing Director of KLM City hopper and CEO of KLM UK. She acted at senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility at Air France KLM.