Post NL - Municipality of Delft

Post NL - Municipality of Delft



Partnership Post NL and the Municipality of Delft

The municipality of Delft, together with PostNL are collaborating to make the last-mile parcel delivery in Delft more sustainable. The goal is to create a better environment in the city of Delft (safer and less pollution) and to give people with distance to the labour market an opportunity to take part in ‘regular’ working life.

Next to this, we are challenged to make this solution also financially and operationally sustainable: the solution must be just as good as current parcel delivery. We think the solution is a concept a student of the TU Delft came up with: a special cargo-trailer for high-volume parcel delivery.

Focus workshop

The partnership focuses on building a working cargo-trailer that is applied in the parcel delivery process of PostNL and used by the Sheltered Workforce in Delft. The innovation comes from the co-creation process in which TU Delft, Municipality of Delft, PostNL and Jort Nijhuis will accomplish this goal. In the workshop we will first explain how this collaboration came into being. Next, we will invite the participants to step into the shoes of the different parties. They can experience the decision making processes of how one solution can fit the goals and interests of all parties. Herein, economical, sustainable, social and entrepreneurial goals all align.

The main goals of the project concerning sustainability are:

- Zero-emission in last mile delivery

- Safe and people-friendly solution for parcel distribution

- Use of sustainable materials (durable)

- The concept will be fit for use by people with a distance to the labour market

- Congestion prevention in the inner city areas

- Establishing durability in terms of the product’s life-span

People who will facilitate the workshop:

Kees-Willem Rademakers - Projectmanager Sustainability PostNL Parcels
Responsible for the successful integration of the cargo trailer concept in PostNL’s parcel delivery process

Bram Coremans - Municipality of Delft
Responsible for the interests of the city and the sheltered workforce

Jort Nijhuis - Project Leader Cargo-trailer/ former TU-Delft Student Industrial Design Engineering.
Responsible for building and testing of the cargo trailer