Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Alliander: Michel de Goede, Strategy Consultant

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Session moderated by Dr. Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal, Assistant Professor of Energy Storage Systems in RSM Department of Technology and Operations Management.

Michel de Goede is a strategy consultant with Alliander, covering topics from IT to risk & security, from startups and smart cities to valuation and post merger integration. He has leveraged his 30 years of experience in general and IT consulting at Alliander for the past 7 years. As a leader in new technologies – smart grids, electric vehicles, IoT, and renewables amongst others – Alliander has launched various new business initiatives in which operations remain as cost effective and efficient as possible. Michel operates and advises at this exciting crossroads, between traditional grid operations and new business ventures. Michel holds a Global OneMBA from RSM (2011).

Clean Tech Delta: Fred van Beuningen, Director

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Session moderated by Dr. Steve Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change in RSM Department of Business Society Management. 

Fred van Beuningen has a professional history that encompasses work as a general manager, CEO and board member for international companies, as well as experience as an entrepreneur. He is director of Clean Tech Delta, a public private partnership to promote the regional clean tech sector. His interests include the role of business leadership in driving sustainability, and next level innovation practices. He is a member of the Board of the Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business. Fred’s strong interest in technology, talent and business model innovation drew him to the next innovation super cycle: industry 4.0, robotics and AI, and its relevance for important global issues. Fred holds an MSc from the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and an AMP from Insead.

Gerrard Street: Dorus Galama, Co-Founder

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Session moderated by Dr. Salla Laasonen, Assistant Professor in RSM Department of Business-Society Management.

Industrial designer Dorus Galama is the co-founder of Gerrard Street, a Dutch start-up that aims to develop circular consumer electronics. Inspired by his own love of music – through which he wore out 2 to 3 sets of headphones a year – Dorus and the Gerrard Street team decided that would be an ideal product to start. The team developed a completely modular headphone, for which they charge a monthly fee (including maintenance and upgrades). Dorus is responsible for marketing and strategic alliances, including developing partnerships (for example with CJP) and managing relations with such brand ambassadors as Dj Isis and Janne Schra (Room Eleven). Dorus holds an MSc in Strategic Design from T/U Delft (2014).

KLM: Fokko Kroesen, Environmental Manager

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Session moderated by Thijs Geradts, Lecturer and PhD Candidate in RSM Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship.

Fokko Kroesen is corporate environmental manager at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines with more than 20 years’ experience in the field of environmental management. He joined KLM Corporate to manage Environmental Strategy in 2005 and is currently responsible for KLM’s sustainability policy on biofuels and climate issues. After an MSc degree in Chemistry and postgraduate courses on Environmental Sciences in 1991, Fokko Kroesen worked at the University of Groningen and as consultant in Utrecht on environmental performance and certification projects at companies and governmental bodies. Before joining KLM Corporate he implemented ISO 14001 at KLM Engineering & Maintenance, and acted as environmental representative for KLM Ground operations at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. 

KLM: Remona van der Zon, Graduate Intern CSR & Environmental Strategy joins Mr. Kroesen to co-facilitate the KLM case presentation.

Schiphol Group: Marianne de Bie, Senior Advisor Corporate Affairs

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Session moderated by Dr. Paolo Perego, Associate Professor in Management Accounting and Control in RSM Department of Accouting and Control

Background in the hospitality, travel and airline industry. Worked abroad in several positions. Entered employment of Schiphol in 1989, started in the Strategy and Phyical Planning departments. Since 1996 working for the communications department, as Senior Press Officer, Head of Internal Communications and sinds 2009 as Senior (strategic) Advisor. In charge of strategy and communications issues, editing corporate publications, international relations and activities. Member of the Annual Report Team together with senior managers of the corporate treasury and control departments and with corporate responsibility and senor strategy advisors.

Schiphol Group is an airport company with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as its main airport. With 63.6 million passengers in 2016, Schiphol is the third largest airport in Europe in passenger numbers. Schiphol embraces Integrated Reporting and for its Annual Reports over 2014 and 2015 Schiphol has received several prestigious awards.

Simon Theeuwes, Manager Investor Relations, Schiphol Group joined Ms. de Bie in co-facilitating the session.

Solar Without Borders: Bert Bernolet, Founder

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Session moderated by Dr. Hannes Leroy, Assistant Professor Human Resource Management, in RSM Department of Organisation and Personnel Management

To promote solar energy without borders, you have to be a social entrepreneur without limitations. So Bert Bernolet, Founder and Director of Solar Without Borders, first began his drive to equip developing nations with solar energy…with a drive: In a 4WD vehicle from Belgium to Togo, to install 1 solar panel and 2 lamps in the tiny hospital of the village Agou-Avédjé. Bert founded Solar Without Borders in 2008. The non-profit installs solar energy systems in developing countries, enabling local communities and villages currently without electricity to take advantage of one of their greatest free resources: the sun. He is creator of Bar Solar, Founder of the cooperative organisation Energy Kiosks, and winner of the Nyrstar Foundation Award (2012) and the ING Solidarity Award (2014) for his development and implementations of new solar technologies in countries such as Togo, Benin and Cameroon.

Tuk Tuk Cartel: Alain Buffing, Founder

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Session moderated by Dr. Luca Berchicci, Associate Professor Entrepreneurship and New Business Venturing in RSM Department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship

Alain Buffing is the founder of Tuk Tuk Cartel, a new kind of NGO. He established Tuk Tuk Cartel in 2016, after discovering that there were no NGOs catering to people who not only want to volunteer abroad, but who also want be part of a strong and innovative community. Through adventurous volunteer projects with organisations in developing countries, and a community built around generous world-changers who focus on sustainability, education and innovation, Tuk Tuk Cartel is reinventing the non-profit wheel on a global scale. Alain has an International Business degree from AMSIB and a certificate from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme.