Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting

Schiphol Group


One of the greatest challenges faced by corporations across the globe is how to measure, report and create value. There is an increasing recognition that value creation is only partially captured by a company's financial statement. Intangible assets (like brand value, reputation, or human capital) or externalities (like carbon emissions or other forms of pollution) are often not recognised as material aspects of value creation and left out a company's financial accounts. This breakout session will be centered on the concept of Integrated Reporting, an international initiative set up to advance the integration of financial and non-financial performance reporting and value creation. Schiphol Group will give an interactive presentation to illustrate and critically assess current challenges faced in the design and implementation of 'integrated thinking'. An interactive session will be built around questions like:

• What are the major drivers and obstacles behind the adoption of IR?

• How does IR affect the concept of a company's value creation, especially for its social capital?

• What is the impact of IR on external parties, i.e. assurance providers, financial intermediaries and firm's stakeholders?

• What are possible strategic implications of IR on macro-level societal challenges, as well micro-level local communities?