Recap: SBP Awards 2017

Recap: SBP Awards 2017

During the festive ceremony of the SBP Awards, two teams presented the outcomes of their strategic business plan in three rounds followed by questions from the jury. This setting guaranteed dynamic pitches from the teams, interesting questions from the jury and an enjoyable evening for the audience. Afterwards, participants and audience members were invited for drinks at the Erasmus Paviljoen.

BA Winner: Sonneveld

Emiel van der Breggen, Norbert Kamsma, Jaël Struijk coached by Jaap van Beek

BA Runner-up: Jump! Communicatie

Isabella Bakker, Tom Klein, Carmen Soulier, Bo van der Ven coached by Maarten van der Kooij

IBA Winner: WERO

Maha Ali, Victoria Clawson, Philip Klien, Nehal Taparia coached by Inga Marlin Gerke

IBA Runner-up: BAS Consultancy

Zixiao Chen, Elise Opdam, Elisa Schnebelie coached by Lisa Schulze Egberding