During the festive ceremony of the SBP Awards, two teams presented the outcomes of their strategic business plan in three rounds followed by questions from the jury. This setting guaranteed dynamic pitches from the teams, interesting questions from the jury and an enjoyable evening for the audience. Afterwards, participants and audience members were invited for drinks at the Erasmus Paviljoen.

BA Winner: Van Vliet Afvalinzamelaars

Team Van Vliet consists of Maarten de Jong, Yannick Herremans, Melisa Olierook & Chelsey Bakker and was coached by Demi Baltussen.

BA Runner-up: Sion

Team Sion consists of Kirsten van Moorsel, Roos van de Boel, Arielle Aarsen & Lisa van Winden and was coached by Rik Baken.

IBA Winner: Natsu Foods

Team Natsu Foods consists of Maximilian Thoelen, Nicolas Cosijn Diez, Antonia Murke & Anna Schleithoff and was coached by Robin Josephs

IBA Runner-up: Plot Projects

Team Plot Projects consists of Zwenneken Harbers, Léopold Granger, Claris Parenti & Mario Colorado and was coached by Kyra Heidemans.