The jury members of the SBP Awards 2016 were:

Maurits Speksnijder

Maurits Speksnijder is director of Randstad Consultancy. He has seventeen years of experience in strategy consulting, during which he has worked on and led projects related to supply chain management, customer experience and organizational behaviour. Maurits holds a Master degree in Strategic Management from RSM and is also actively engaged in the Strategic Business Plan course as alumni guest.

Talitha Muusse

Talitha Muusse is social entrepreneur and sustainability expert. She currently serves as member of the Supervisory Board of MVO Nederland, co-founded Duurzame Jonge 100 (a platform for young sustainable entrepreneurs and professionals) and is the driving force behind De Energieboot, a business incubator for young professionals who develop sustainable energy projects. Talitha is a graduate from RSM where she obtained her MSc in Global Business & Stakeholder Management.

Rick Hollen

Dr. Rick Hollen is assistant professor at RSM’s Department of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship and project manager at Erasmus Research & Business Support. He holds a PhD in Management from RSM and previously worked as a business development manager at a global technology and services firm. His published and ongoing research in the fields of strategy, innovation and collaboration is particularly concentrated on business and innovation ecosystems in and around port-industrial complexes.