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  1. Can my eligibility be assessed before I apply for admission? 
  2. What are the application deadlines for the MSc programmes offered by RSM?
  3. Can I submit my application first and my English proof later?
  4. Do I have to / Can I submit a GMAT score?
  5. Is my GPA sufficient for admission:

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Does RSM/Erasmus University offer English tests?

The Erasmus University Language & Training Centre (LTC) offers intake tests throughout the year, which will determine your current level of proficiency, as well as English courses from September onwards. 

The minimum obtained level must be C1.

Option 1: Regularly scheduled test/course

You can always participate in a Language test at the EUR LTC on their regularly scheduled test dates at your own cost. You can check for the next possible test date on their website.

Option 2: RSM English test

RSM together with the Erasmus University Language & Training Centre (LTC) offers English tests free of charge with the following conditions:


  • The test will only be offered on two specific dates. Here you can choose on which of the two possible dates you want to take the test.
  •  In order to participate in one of these tests you first need to submit your application for the programme of your choice at least three weeks before the date of the test you want to participate in. 
  • The RSM Admissions Office will first evaluate your application, and if your academic background meets the minimum requirements, you will be registered for the test with the EUR LTC and receive a confirmation via OLAF.

Practical matters:

  • It is not possible to re-schedule the test due to illness or any other reason. If you fail to show up to the test without notifying the LTC or the RSM Admissions Office first, you will be charged the costs of the test. 
  • You can only take the test once. If you fail to achieve a C1 level result, you can retake the test at your own cost.
  • On both dates the writing part of the test takes place in the morning and the verbal part in the afternoon. Therefore you need to be available throughout the day of the test.
  • Students with dyslexia or other functional disabilities can request for additional time to take the test. It’s required to notify the LTC by e-mail before the test date about any personal circumstances. In the email you should include your dyslexia statement or any other relevant statements.
  • After the test you will receive an overview of your results, but you will not receive an official language certificate.
  • The test results are only valid for your application for RSM.
Last update:
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

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