E-mail Regulations

E-mail Regulations

Spam is: 

  • all emails which are unwanted
  • all commercial email 
  • all offensive email 

When you use email for research purposes, it is obligatory to have written consent of your teacher before you start emailing. 

Sanctions:  your email account will be closed for at least one week. Sanctions will be determined by the Helpdesk Manager. Rules for the use of computers and network at the Erasmus: 

Communication with faculty and staff

Communication with faculty and staff is bound to some strict regulations.

  • The university only uses your official ERNA e-mail address (eg. 123456ab@student.eur.nl) to send out messages to you.
  • Faculty and staff will only respond to messages sent from your ERNA e-mail address. The reason for this is twofold. On one hand this facilitates a good administration related to the messages sent. On the other hand it guarantees the identity of the person sending out the e-mail message. Often e-mail communications touch upon issues that are directly related to privacy sensitive content. 
  • You are urged strongly to check your ERNA e-mail on a regular basis 
  • Offensive and/ or abusive language will not be tolerated, and might be sanctioned. 
  • Information regarding class schedules, exam data, registration periods, etc can easily be found on SIN-online, Blackboard and will therefore not be answered.