Social Environment

Social Environment

Implemented sustainability measures

  • RSM employees are encouraged to bond socially via monthly RSM-wide events, birthday celebrations, cultural activities, academic department socials and festivals.
  • RSM employees are also encouraged to contribute volunteer work at EUR in the WorkMate project.
  • RSM employees are offered free coffee and tea in designated kitchenettes in Bayle and Mandeville buildings.
  • RSM employees may participate in a range of sport and exercise classes at all levels for a nominal fee at the Erasmus University Sport Centre.  
  • Vitaal@Work is an initiative of Erasmus Sport in which a team of employees may schedule a personal trainer to guide 20 minutes of no-sweat stretches and office exercises.
  • RSM employees receive a holiday gift package from Erasmus University in December each year.  Employees have the opportunity to forego the holiday gift package and instead make a donation to a worthy cause. 

These benefits continue as long as resources are available.

Envisioned sustainability measures

  • RSM employees have a voice to comment on employment satisfaction. RSM will publish data from employee and student satisfaction surveys and use accumulated data to respond to the comments received and to create plans to enhance satisfaction and address the role of sustainability.