Student Associations Driving Positive Change

CEMS Club Rotterdam

The CEMS Club Rotterdam (CCR) aims to create an inclusive and unforgettable CEMS experience for all RSM CEMS students. Additionally, the Club's Sustainability Committee provides the cohort with opportunities to explore how people, plant and profit can go together.

RSM Net Impact Club

Inspiring MBA and EMBA students to use their careers to tackle the world’s toughest social and environmental problems. Equipping RSM students with knowledge and skills of sustainability leadership through organizing events and career activities. 


STAR is RSM's study association with the mission to enrich RSM student life. This mission is facilitated by the activities organized by numerous Bachelor committees and Master Study Clubs, such as MSc GBS. The association is guided by four pillars: Career start support, Social activities, Academic support and Societal impact.

Sustainable RSM - Positive Change Action Teams

Gain knowledge and skills from direct experience in out-of-classroom activities. Join a fun team, expand your sustainability literacy and change agent aptitude. Solutions for big challenges start with small ideas. Bring your energy, creativity, and commitment to be a force for positive change. Explore theories, models, and practices bridging sustainable environments and value creation. Join an action team.

LDE Centre for Sustainability

A multidisciplinary research, education and valorisation centre in which three Dutch Universities join forces to tackle societal challenges together with various stakeholders. There are three hubs that students may engage in meaningful research for a circular economy. Students participate in an interdisciplinary work environment and network with regional businesses.

The world is facing big societal, economic, and ecological challenges, and we believe business is a powerful instrument for solving them. Dig deep in your studies and enrich your academic experience with participation in a club or working group. You are well on the way to becoming a critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinker and doer.