Integrated Reporting Seminar Committee

Integrated Reporting Seminar Committee

We investigated the value of integrated reporting and presented a successful and stimulating interactive educational seminar for RSM students at the RSM Sustainability Forum 2017.

The Integrated Reporting Seminar Committee designed and hosted a successful integrated reporting seminar at the RSM Sustainability Forum 2017 on 31 March 2017. The seminar was facilitated by Marianne de Bie, Senior Advisor Corporate Affairs and Simon Theeuwes, Manager Investor Relations of Schiphol Group.

Since integrated reporting is not usually a core component of traditional Finance or Accounting studies, students may not be familiar with its concepts, its pros and cons and how a company can implement it internally. We aimed to challenge thinking on this during the integrated reporting seminar, where we successfully showed the importance of integrated reporting in today’s committed business operations. The seminar centered on the concept of Integrated Reporting, an international initiative designed to advance the integration of financial and non-financial performance reporting and value creation.

Schiphol Group representatives illustrated and critically assessed current challenges faced in the design and implementation of 'integrated thinking'. The interactive session was built around key questions: What are the major drivers and obstacles behind the adoption of IR? How does IR affect the concept of a company's value creation, especially for its social capital? What is the impact of IR on external parties, i.e. assurance providers, financial intermediaries and firm's stakeholders? What are possible strategic implications of IR on macro-level societal challenges, as well micro-level local communities?

To see results of the integrated reporting seminar, read the Forum’s full report.

Seminar Coordinator: Daniëlle van Riemsdijk, RSM MSc Finance & Investments Advanced, with guidance from Prof. dr. Paolo Perego, RSM Associate Professor in Management Accounting & Control.