KPMG-RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award Selection Committee

KPMG-RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award Selection Committee

We reviewed over 1500 RSM MSc thesis and selected the top 5 most impactful and innovative theses which help stakeholders overcome sustainability related challenges. Our business partners at KPMG selected the winner of this year’s KPMG RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award - Tatjana Mirosnicenko and runner-up Thomas Behrendt.

The KPMG-RSM Sustainability Master Thesis Award Committee has been responsible for selecting theses meeting the criteria of academic excellence, socio-environmental impact, business relevance and originality. Sustainability, a core driver of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, is increasingly relevant in all industries. The theses reviewed by this year’s committee offer innovative approaches to global societal environmental and social issues.

The in-depth selection process; began and continued through the full first term of 2016-2017. The first step involved reviewing all sustainability-related RSM student master theses that received a mark of 8.5 or higher during its defense in 2017. Multiple committee members read each thesis, then discussed it within the committee, to determine whether it qualified to enter the next round. The rigorous process was repeated; exposing the top five theses.

These top five theses were submitted with a comprehensive report to a final external review panel comprised of professionals from companies invited by KPMG. This panel selected a winner and runner-up; with the winner taking home a prize money of €1,000 and the runner-up receiving €500. The top 5 nominees were announced prior to the RSM Sustainability Forum 2018 and can be found here.

For jury report and more information on the winning thesis see this article.

Committee members: Anja Boeck, Henriette Schuling, Isabel Bienert, Jan Alexander Debowski and Natalia Chershembeeva Selection process coordinated by sustainable RSM program assistant  Joris Smal, RSM MSc Supply Chain Management.