Am I eligible for VAT-free invoicing?

Our executive education programmes are, in principle, all subject to 21% VAT* but exemption from VAT is possible in some cases.

You are eligible for VAT-free invoicing if you:

  • Follow the programme as a private person
  • Work at an organisation that does not pay VAT (e.g. a government agency, bank, insurer, cultural, health or non-profit organisation)


In these instances, it is not possible to reclaim VAT, so we recommend to use a VAT-free option. To cover our administrative and purchasing costs (which are not VAT-exempted), a non-refundable surcharge of 10% is added to the VAT-free price.


Next steps

If you are eligible for exemption from VAT and would like to make use of it, please mention "VAT-free invoicing" in the questions section when registering for your programme.

* All prices exclude VAT (‘BTW’ in the Netherlands). The percentage of VAT is subject to change according to Dutch law.

Last update:
Thursday, 9 January 2020

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