How to work with the 'Speaking URL path segment'

How to work with the 'Speaking URL path segment'

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I would recommend to make use of the ‘speaking URL path segment’. Here you enter for each programme a unique name (can be an abbreviation of the programme name, like eg. ‘ald’ for Advanced Leadership Development, and then you can freely change the title of the page as much as you like without affecting the URL. In this example, I have entered the speaking URL 'speaking-url', which will then be added as the unique URL part to the page URL. It will stay the same, no matter how the page title changes.

Here you see that the URL of the page says '.../speaking-url', no matter what I enter as the page title. Everywhere else, like in the menu, the breadcrumb, and the H1 heading of the page, the long page name shows.

If I would change the page title, the URL would still stay the same, but these entries would change accordingly.

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