The Summit will start with an opening session at 5 pm followed by dinner on 30 June 2019 evening in the city of Rotterdam. For those working within the ecosystem of responsible research, 1 July 2019 will be a day of bold steps towards business and management research that can contribute to a better world – at the first Global Responsible Research Summit 2019 in Rotterdam.

Summit goals:

  • Identify the forces that create the need for responsible research that can transform business into a force for good with credible and useful knowledge.
  • Discover opportunities to contribute to responsible research not just for business schools, but also for journals, associations, and senior scholars.
  • Explore metrics to measure the progress and impact of responsible research on business practices and societal benefits.
  • Discuss alternative approaches to introduce responsible research in schools and journals, with the support of professional associations, senior scholars and accreditation agencies.

Why hold a Summit?

This Summit creates an opportunity for us to:

  • meet and discuss responsible research in order to develop a joint understanding and consensus on the analysis and mission as formulated in the RRBM position paper
  • build a collective commitment and identify high-impact actions (systems, structure, norms) for the transition towards responsible research
  • create a systemic transition towards  a more resilient research culture in business schools that emphasizes and values both reliable and useful knowledge.

A joint understanding and commitment are essential starting points for defining the essential elements of responsible research function in business schools; an augmented and more viable model for faculty qualifications and faculty proficiency, which helps business schools in the transition towards systematically valuing rigorous scholarship that addresses important societal challenges and produces actionable knowledge to make society better through helpful businesses to be a force for good.  

Who is it for?
This invitation-only event is for those who are directly involved with the production, evaluation, and publication of research outputs, and therefore can validate the transition towards responsible research. We include scholars, journal editors, those who lead scholarly associations, schools and universities, and accreditation organisations.