rsm: discovery articles

rsm: discovery articles

Open Lectures: sharing 50 years of knowledge

Dive into four hot societal topics: the future of professions, employment megatrends, artificial intelligence, and sustainable finance.

Professor's Opinion - No escape possible

When Shell’s CEO closes the the Hague door behind him, he will know that the ghosts of Shell’s Royal Dutch past will keep haunting him.

Read about the impact RSM is making

Read more about our journey to making impact.

The Fox and the Hound: can multinationals and NGOs have a mutually beneficial relationship?

Like the fox and the hound, multinationals (MNCs) and (NGOs) are natural enemies. But they don’t have to be enemies at all.

Don’t put popcorn in front of you while watching a movie

The presence of food while listening to music or watching a movie, makes you like the music or the movie less. Why is that?

Don’t offer public transport when everyone wants a bike

HR practices don’t create value in themselves. Value only comes through the use of HR practices.

The 40th edition of RSM Discovery is now live!

Read the low-down on scale-ups in the 40th issue of RSM Discovery magazine

Transfer price negotiations: should headquarters back off or take over?

Do company headquarters have all the necessary information that divisions have when it comes to decentralized transfer price negotiations?

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Vodcast with Anne Klesse on algorithmic recommendations.

Walking the tightrope of inclusion versus exclusion in the workplace: A leadership lens

How leaders can reap the benefits of inclusion and diversity – including a tool for using within organisations.