rsm: discovery articles

rsm: discovery articles

Discovery 39 - The world after COVID-19: how we can do business better

Digital research magazine explores how we can organise society and business better after Covid-19

Blog: Vaccination logistics can reduce waste and delays

The logistics of the vaccination programme will be a huge undertaking. But there’s already a lot of expertise in the logistics community

BLOG: Marketing against corona

Marketing can contribute significantly in bringing about behavioural change against corona, but caution is advised when mentioning this word

People that understand statistics are more likely to keep socially distanced

People that understand statistics and data are more likely to wear a mask and socially distance to prevent others from getting infected

BLOG: Menstrual health must be in government and employer policies

Are free tampons enough? Actually, there’s a lot more that organisations should consider for employees’ well-being.

Why honest people cheat

Cognitive control actually enables cheating for people who are usually honest, while it facilitates honest decisions for cheaters.

Using strategic design as a competitive advantage

Why are #aesthetics important for #success in competitive markets?

Podcast: Servant leadership

Podcast on servant leadership featuring Prof. Dirk van Dierendonck

Mentally demanding tasks are more difficult to handle at home

Is it a bad move to try mentally demanding work tasks at home? DainisZegners used online chess tournament data and AI to assess this