Municipality Registration

Municipality Registration

Important message for EU/EEA students

If you have already registered yourself at the Municipality (GBA system) you can ignore this message.

A new law on Academic Higher Education in The Netherlands requires that each and every student place can only be financed by the Government if the student is registered. In order to qualify for a statutory tuition fee all students from the EU/EEA(*), Switzerland and Suriname must be registered as a resident in one of the following countries or states by 30 September of each academic year at the latest:
- the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
- one of the federal states North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony or Bremen of the Federal Republic of Germany

To avoid having to pay the higher fee (which is € 9.000 for Bachelor IBA students and € 17.500 for Master students per academic year) you must be registered before 30 September 2018!

Register promptly at the GBA because:
- if you are not registered in the GBA on 30 September, you will not be eligible for the statutory tuition fee
- anyone who lives in the Netherlands for more than four months has a legal obligation to register in the GBA
- the residence check is conducted annually and therefore does not only apply solely to first-year students

What to do before 30 September 2018?
In order to register in the GBA, you will need to visit the town hall in your place of residence. Check with the municipality in advance whether you need to make an appointment. Please bear in mind that municipalities in the Netherlands require a minimum of two weeks in order to process your registration. International first-year students living in Rotterdam can make use of the special consultation hours introduced by the City Hall in cooperation with EUR. For further information, see:

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Erasmus Student Service Centre (hall E-building /

(*) List of countries in the EU / European Economic Area (EEA): Andorra - Austria – Belgium – Bulgaria – Croatia - Cyprus - Czech Republic – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Iceland – Ireland – Italy – Latvia – Liechtenstein – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – Monaco - The Netherlands – Norway – Poland – Portugal – Romania – San Marino - Slovak Republic – Slovenia – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland - United Kingdom – Vatican city.