Course schedules

Master programme course schedules are available through MyTimetable. Follow these steps to view the schedule of the master programme Finance & Investments Advanced:

  1. Click on Add timetable
  2. Select 2018/2019 - Programme of Study and insert in the search field FI-A, select and add
  3. Select Exams 2018/2019 - Course and insert in the search field FI-A, select all and add
  4. Select August - Course and insert in the search field BM00FI-A, select and add

It is important that you complete all four above-mentioned steps to view a complete schedule. Please note that MyTimetable shows all sessions per month. Adjust the date in the calendar in the right corner to view next month.

Your schedule currently includes all group sessions. The groups will be formed by end of August and the timetable will be updated accordingly.

When your enrolment is complete, you will be automatically registered for all core courses. The elective registration will be organised in November 2018.

Curriculum information

The curriculum information (including literature and course content) is available via the EUR Course Guide. Follow these steps to access the course information.

  1. Go to, you can choose for the English language on the top of the page.
  2. Click on “Rotterdam School of Management”
  3. Click on your own MSc-programme (for example, "Finance & Investments Advanced”)
  4. Now you will see all the courses that are offered within your selected MSc-programme.
  5. On the left bar, you will have various filter options, including period, ECTS and lecturer. The abbreviations for period should be interpreted as follow:
    - FIABL1 = Block 1 - core courses
    - FIABL2 = Block 2 - core courses
    - FIABL3 = Block 3 - study trip & career development
    - FIABL4 = Block 4 - elective
    - FIABL5 = Block 5 - elective
    - FIABL6 = Block 6 - elective

Click on each of the core courses to read more about the course and literature requirements. For any questions about the course schedules and curriculum, please contact your Programme Manager via