Introduction Activities

Introduction Activities

Welcome to the MSc International Management/CEMS at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University! Here we provide regularly updated information about the kick-off programme for MSc International Management/CEMS for new students.

Please note that these pages may sometimes only provide general information (especially if the year programme has not yet been established). Once you have been selected for the master, you will be informed more specifically by the Programme Manager regarding semester timelines, mandatory meetings and events, and times and locations.

Students will either spend the fall semester or the spring semester on exchange at a CEMS partner school. At around the middle of March 2019 (for the 2019-2020 selection), all applicants who have successfully gone through the interview and assessment procedure will be informed over whether they have been selected for the MSc International Management/CEMS programme and to which CEMS partner school their exchange will take them.

Fall 2019

Wednesday 21 August 2019
All selected RSM IM/CEMS students are invited for a Kick-Off on Wednesday 21 August 2019. RSM's home students will convene first. There you will meet IM/CEMS Academic Director, Rene Olie, and the IM/CEMS programme manager, Gina Kim. At this kick-off meeting, you will gain information about the IM/CEMS curriculum, the year schedule and RSM and CEMS degree requirements.

Incoming exchange students who will be spending the fall semester at RSM will join in the kick-off later on the same afternoon.

Thursday 22 August – Friday 23 August 2019
RSM's mandatory CEMS Business Communication Skill Seminar (BCSS) will take place the day after the kick-off and just prior to the Block Seminar. All students spending the fall semester at RSM will be allotted a spot in RSM's BCSS. The BCSS will last from 9:00 to approximately 17:00 everyday on both Thursday and Friday.

Friday 23 August 2019
Following the second day of the BCSS, we will conclude the first week of introduction activities with a barbecue in the evening from 17:30. Details on location will follow, however the barbecue will in all cases take place on campus.

Sunday 25 August – Friday 30 August 2019
RSM will organise two parallel Block Seminars. You may choose which of the two block seminars you would like to do through during the Block Seminar transfer organised by the CEMS Head Office. Students will receive further information about block seminar registration and deadlines through the CEMS head office at approximately the end of April 2019 for registration in mid-May.

NOTE: Officially you are free to choose where you complete your block seminar (depending on availability of places), that is, at any CEMS partner school, regardless of where you will be spending your fall semester. However, we strongly suggest that you participate in the block seminar given by the university at which you will spend your fall semester, as a) the block seminar is a great (perhaps even crucial) way to get acquainted with the students with whom you'll be spending your fall semester and b) you can be sure that the block seminar at a given CEMS school will coincide correctly with that school's fall semester of courses, whereas you may experience planning conflicts if you choose to do your block seminar at a school other than your fall school.

And note also that, should your chosen block seminar conflict with RSM's fall course schedule, you WILL NOT be given exemption from attendance to any fall course (or other) meetings for reasons of an external block seminar. 

Spring 2020

Wednesday 22 – Friday 24 January 2020
To kick off the CEMS spring semester, there will be a three-day off-campus Kick-Off in Soest, the Netherlands, which is combined with the mandatory CEMS Responsible Global Leadership (RGL) seminar.