Complete your enrolment

Complete your enrolment

The most common condition is the proof of completion your bachelor programme. This means that by the 31st of August all your grades have been processed (including your final thesis) and you are ready to graduate. 

I already uploaded my diploma and transcript to OLAF when I applied. Why do I need to send them to you again? While your application can be evaluated based on unofficial digital documents you have uploaded in your application form, eventually the RSM Admissions office needs to check the authenticity of your diploma and your final transcript from certified hardcopies or the originals.

  • The conditions of your offer are listed in the offer message as well as your admissions statement in the Online Application Form (OLAF). These conditions must be met by the 31st of August as the academic year officially starts on the 1st of September.

    • Diploma: In order to verify that you have completed the study your admission is based on, RSM needs to see your final diploma.
    • Transcript: In order to check that your grades and the courses you have submitted during the application process are true, RSM also needs your final academic transcript (i.e. grade list). 
    • Translation: If the original documents are written in a language other than English, Dutch or German you must provide an official translation by a registered sworn translator in one of these languages. Make sure to always include your diploma and/or transcript(s) in the original language along with the translation!

    I don't have my diploma yet, but I have finished my studies. Which documents should I send? If your official diploma is given after the 31st of August, you should request an official statement from your university which explicitly states that you have completed all the requirements of your study. Also include a certified hardcopy of your final transcript.

  • A certified copy of your final diploma (or diploma statement) and transcript can be acquired at the institution where you obtained them or at an official notary. Certified means that the document contains the original stamp and signature of your institution (director, course coordinator, registrar) or the official notary. When making your offer unconditional, make sure you send us the original document. Photocopies of a certified copy will not be accepted.

    Online verification systems (EU/EEA only): If your university uses an online verification system (for example Bocconi University, or HEAR verification with an online provider such as Gradintelligence in the UK), please notify the admissions office. RSM is not able to verify documents online if it's required that software is downloaded before the verification.

    I want to have the documents sent to RSM by e-mail: Your university must send the documents directly to RSM ( ). The documents will not be accepted if they arrive from your e-mail address. Request your university to send both your diploma /graduation statement AND your final grade list.

  • By post: 

    RSM MSc Admissions Office
    Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, Mandeville Building T05-01
    3062 PA Rotterdam
    The Netherlands

    Some courier services also require a telephone number. In this case please use the general phone number of RSM: +31 10 408 2222

    We advise you to send the documents as a tracked delivery. The documents will first be received by the central post room, and will be delivered to the admisisions office within 2-3 days. Once the documents have arrived and they have been processed, you will be notified.

    By e-mail: If you want to send the documents digitally, your university must send the documents directly to RSM ( ). The documents will not be accepted if they arrive from your e-mail address. Request your university to send both your diploma /graduation statement AND your final grade list.

    I want to bring my documents to the RSM Admissions Office in person: During the Corona pandemic we advise you to send the documents by post or by e-mail. If for some reason this is not possible, you can bring the documents to the RSM Admissions Office in person. The office is located at the Woudestein Campus, on the 5th floor of the Mandeville buidling, room T5-01. We advise you to check out the opening hours listed on our contact pages beforehand.

  • RSM will save your documents for one year (until September 2022). It is your responsibility to pick up these documents from the admissions office, if you want them back. The admissions office makes scanned copies of all documents for our digital archive and shreds all paper copies that have not been picked up on time.

  • The Admissions Staff is currently only allowed to access the campus twice a week. This means that it may take 1-2 weeks to handle the documents you have sent us, depending on the day they arrived to the campus.

    Please stay patient. You will be notified via the Online Application Form once your admissions has been made unconditional. 

  • Currently your enrolment status in Studielink states: "The educational institution has yet to determine whether your previous education level is sufficient”. Once your offer has been made unconditional, the RSM Admissions Office will confirm your enrolment in Studielink & Osiris. 

    Also check that before the 31st of August you have paid the tuition fee & uploaded a foto for your Student ID.

  • I’m a current/former student at the EUR/RSM. Do I need to send you my diploma & transcript? 
    No, you are not required to provide this documentation, as the completion of your study can be checked in Osiris. However you must make sure that you have completed all the requirements of the study by the 31st of August and all results are visible in Osiris. RSM Admissions Office will notify you once the completion of your study has been verified by sending you a message via the Online Application Form (OLAF).