Master programme curricula and course schedules are available through the EUR Course Guide. You will learn more about it at the Master Kick-Off Day on Thursday, 30 August 2018.

Here are instructions for accessing course schedules and curriculum information (including literature and course content) via the EUR Course Guide. 

  1. Go to, you can choose for the English language on the top of the page
  2. Click on “Rotterdam School of Management”
  3. Click on your own MSc-programme (for example: “Master in Management”)
  4. Now you will see all the courses that are offered within your selected MSc-programme. On the left bar, you will have various filter options, including period, ECTS and lecturer. The abbreviations for period should be interpreted as follow:
    - MIMBL1 = Block 1 (September through October)
    - MIMBL2 = Block 2 (November through December)
    - MIMBL3 = Block 3 (January)
    - MIMBL4 = Block 4 (February through March)
    - MIMBL5 = Block 5 (April through May)
    - MIMBL6 = Block 6 (June)

Click on each course to read more about the course and literature requirements, and click on timetable to see the schedule for the class. You will be redirected to the SIN-Online website.

Once you receive the log-in details you may access the SIN-Online website and subscribe to different channels. It is important that you subscribe to the following channels in order not to miss any important announcements:

  • MScBA Master in Management, cohort 2017 (programme specific registrations and information);
  • Each course channel (timetable, course specific information), click here for a complete list of all courses;
  • MSc Notice Board (used by Programme Management for general, non-programme related information);
  • RSM Survey Channel (you may fill in a survey organized by your fellow students or faculty);
  • RSM Examination Board (for important updates/changes in Examination Regulations);
  • RSM Study Advice (channel hosted by RSM's study advisers);
  • Career Services (for career opportunities: internships/job offers).

When you have subscribed to the course channels, the schedules are available via SIN-Online My Timetable. Please note that simply subscribing to a particular master course channel in SIN-Online DOES NOT constitute official enrolment in the corresponding course. Only once you are admitted to your programme by the Examination Board and your enrollment via Studielink is complete, are you then automatically enrolled for the courses and exams of this programme.