Online Education 2020-2021

Online Education 2020-2021

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) has decided to offer all compulsory educational activities in the academic year 2020-2021 remotely. This includes classes (e.g. via webcast and/or video recordings), group work (e.g. the opportunity to meet with fellow students via MS Teams), as well as assessments and exams (e.g. take-home assessments and/or online exams).

Some non-compulsory elements (e.g. onboarding activities, kick-off events, guest lectures, career events) will also be offered online.

All students enrolled at RSM have the guarantee that they can obtain all credits during the 2020-2021 academic year remotely.

For regular updates on how RSM and Erasmus University Rotterdam deal with the  COVID-19 virus, please visit the RSM Corona website as well as the EUR Corona website.

  • We are ready to deliver and assess remotely. We already did so for the last two blocks of the current academic year, for all our 14 MSc programmes, and we have been successful in this. We have seen that students value webcasting, but also video recordings, which certainly also have advantages. For instance: you can watch the lecture at your own pace and watch more complicated parts again by simply scrolling back.

    You will need a certain minimum computer equipment in order to participate in our classes:

    • A Windows or Apple computer or notebook with webcam, speaker, and microphone
    • Internet connection

    If you are planning to purchase new equipment, here are some recommendations.

    If you do not possess the necessary IT and internet equipment you are recommended to purchase. If you have insufficient means to do so you can apply for financial support with Erasmus Trustfonds:

  • For some of our students, online delivery might bring extra challenges. If you experience difficulties due to

    • existing conditions like dyslexia or ADD
    • have an auditive or visual impairment
    • have physical, psychological or mental impairments
    • need assistance in planning
    • have a home situation that is not ideal for studying,

    please contact one of our student advisers.


  • Tuition fees will remain the same: €2,143 per year for Dutch and EEA students, €18,200 per year for students from outside the EEA region. If you were granted a scholarship, it will remain valid.

    For those of you who don’t come to Rotterdam, there might, however, be other financial advantages:

    • You might save on the rent for a room or apartment
    • You might save you on travling expenses to and from your home country.

    Please be aware that you are still required to purchase your study materials, e.g. books.

  • Those of you needing a visa will still need to arrange this, whether you plan to study from Rotterdam as of 1 September or as of 1 January.