IBA Graduation

IBA Graduation

This site has been made for the graduates (and their families and friends) who have indicated via the IBA Graduate Exit Survey that they are planning to attend the official IBA Graduation Ceremony on Friday, 4 November, 2016 in the New Luxor Theater (Posthumalaan 1, 3072 AG Rotterdam).

Please click on the headers below to display information about the various topics. Click on the image below to view the official invitation.

  • Here’s a preliminary schedule of the day’s events:

    12:00  Check-in + ceremonial dressing - main entrance the New Luxor Theater graduates only
    12:30  Group pictures graduates only
    13:00  Forming of line-up (rehearsal) graduates only
    13:45  Doors open for guests (check-in / ticket pick-up)
    14:00  Opening reception for family and other guests
    14:15  Group photo moment for family and friends
    14:40  Guests enter the theater, graduates line up for grand entrance
    15:00  Official opening of the ceremony
    17:30  Cocktail reception
    18:30  End of reception

    22:00  IBA Graduation Party (Please see the header 'IBA Graduation Party' below)

  • The graduates who are eligible to receive their diplomas and who have confirmed their attendance at the ceremony through the IBA Graduate Exit Survey will receive information via e-mail regarding how they can order tickets for their families and friends. Using the personal link in that e-mail, each graduate will be able to order tickets for their family and friends. You do not need to order a ticket for yourself. You can purchase max. 2 tickets for free, and up to 2 extra tickets for the price of 5 euros per ticket (excluding the administration fee of 1,46 euros per ticket).

    Tickets for the ceremony will NOT be sent via mail; the tickets will be given to guests when they check in at the New Luxor Theater before the reception begins at 13:45 by indicating the graduate's full name.

    Please note that the tickets (with seating assignments) will be handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis. If your guests would like to sit together, they will need to check-in at the New Luxor Theater together. For example, if you have 4 guests who are coming and they arrive in 2 separate groups, then the first 2 who check in will receive tickets for seats next to each other, and the other 2 who check in later will receive two tickets next to each other in a different part of the theater).

    Should one of your guests require a wheelchair accessible seat in the theater, please inform us via e-mail: ibapm@rsm.nl .

  • We are pleased to announce that we have chosen to raise funds during the graduation event for Vrienden van het Sophia (Friends of Sophia), a foundation of Erasmus MC - Sophia Children's Hospital in Rotterdam. Drink tokens will be sold for the reception immediately following the graduation ceremony. Each token will cost 2 euros (soda, beer, and wine will cost 1 token and prosecco 2 tokens). Small snacks and appetizers will be provided during the reception. All proceeds from the drink token sales will go to Vrienden van Sophia.

  • The IBA graduation ceremony will be broadcast live by Open Webcast in the window below.
    Tune in on Friday, 4 November 2016 from 15:00 CET Amsterdam.

  • Soon you will enter your RSM Alumni Network with more than 28,000 members in 100 countries across the world. It’s a thriving, growing, and lively community whose diverse members reflect the history and evolution of RSM’s business management programmes and alumni community. Please check out this website and watch the video to learn how you can stay involved.

  • RSM STAR has organized an IBA Graduation Party at Westelijk Handelsterrein (Van Vollenhovenstraat 15) which will be a great way to end (or start!) the evening. Doors will open at 22:00 and you are welcome to bring friends and family members. You can purchase your tickets (10 Euros per ticket) via the STAR webshop (no membership required).



  • Is there a dress code for the graduation ceremony?

    You will all be wearing caps and gowns for the ceremony (which you will receive from us when you check in), but it is important to know that the gowns are not floor length.  That means that your pants and shoes will show! There is no formal dress code, but given the important nature of the event, dressy attire is always welcome. 

    Please note: the gowns have to be returned after the ceremony when you pick up your coat at the coat check. You may keep the cap & tassel.

    Will a photographer be present?

    Group pictures will be taken by a professional photographer starting at 12:30, so it’s important that you check-in on time! Individual photos on podium will also be taken. You will receive a link to the photos a few weeks after the ceremony.

  • Graduates who are in need of additional information are advised to contact Chantal de Groot (Programme Manager IBA) or Stella Li (Assistant Programme Manager IBA) via ibapm@rsm.nl.