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Boost innovation output through human capital

RSM Discovery magazine gives executives direct access to the latest management thinking.

Data processing and analytics are essential for business survival: SCECR conference at RSM

Big data research in insurance, health and education showcased at annual conference.

RSM research on stock exchange competition wins paper award

Dr Sarah Draus studied how order flow fragmentation allows exchanges to retain market power.

Business meets data science at the Digital Economy Summit

Industry and academia discuss the implications of the data revolution for business strategies.

Latest research

How does the human brain respond to injustice?

People are very sensitive to injustice. Do we rather punish violators or compensate victims? The hormone oxytocine plays a remarkable role.

Crowdsourced consumer data: how do we make sure it's good?

Over 15.000 consumer behaviour studies have used participants on online marketplace MTurk. How do researchers make sure such data is good?

Multinationals and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals: what do first steps reveal?

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals: are multinationals using them?

Power turns people with high testosterone into narcissists

People in power positions often act like narcissists. Do narcissists get themselves into power positions, or does power create narcissists?