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Latest news

Multi-contextual approaches to safety and security and the role of cultural norms

Prof. Gabriele Jacobs’ symposium and inaugural address on Public Safety Management.

Outside influence creates cross-border perspective for family businesses

Globalisation pays off thanks to long-term orientation and focus on sustainable business relations.

Award for research on flexible systems management

Prof. Henk Volberda won the Flexibility Excellence Award 2017 at New Delhi conference.

RSM and secondary schools to collaborate in goal-setting programme

Project to promote equal opportunity in secondary education.

Latest research

How to promote car-sharing to people who love their own cars

Car-sharing schemes can reduce the environmental impact of driving. But how do you entice car owners that are really attached to their cars?

Minority groups may underperform because colleagues share less information with them

People whose nationality has the biggest cultural distance to that of the majority hear the least from their colleagues.

Why people distrust companies that make profit

Companies that seek profit are often seen as immoral and harmful, even when they make positive contributions to society. Why is this?

When do people pay taxes voluntarily?

When trust in authorities is low, fair decision-making procedures become an even more important tool to increase tax revenue.