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Latest news

RSM CEMS graduates aim to ‘stay inclusive’ in career

More than 50 graduates received their MSc International Management/CEMS degree on campus.

Innovative recycled coconut waste idea wins CleanTech Challenge

RSM and TU Delft students developed sustainability business ideas for CleanTech Challenge 2018.

NEVI becomes partner of Chair Purchasing & Supply Management in Health Care

Purchasing is in a key position to reorient the health care system from volume to value.

Women in business event: ‘experience-sharing on steroids’

Female leaders discussed how to boost leadership, negotiation and communication skills at RSM.

Latest research

The influence of power on prosocial behaviour

Fair leadership behaviour and decisions promotes prosocial behavior of employees.

Consumer product reviews: more believable when writers get paid more

Consumers put greater trust in online reviews when the reviewer is paid well or not at all.

RSM Discovery Magazine 33: out now!

Prosocial behaviour, trust in the workplace and the believability of online product reviews. RSM Discovery Magazine is out now!

Lobbying reduces risk of merger, improves returns

Lobbying could help firms to steer away in-depth reviews and is valued by shareholders.