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Latest news

Diversity of experiences celebrated at Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA graduation

Class of 2018 is the first cohort to graduate from the Cologne-Rotterdam EMBA.

Italian award for ‘best professor under 40’ at RSM

Dr Stefano Tasselli recognised for his high-quality research and education on international level.

Alumni share candid expat stories from the Middle East

Almost 40 RSM alumni flocked to Dubai to share the pros and cons of living in this exciting region.

Book and mini conference on global corporate foundations

Exploring corporate foundations as hybrid organisations between business and society.

Latest research

BLOG: Corporate philanthropy is more than a tool

Companies give 2 billion euro's to charity annually. Dr Lonneke Roza explains the different motives corporations have to do this.

Digital community currencies for global challenges

Digital community currencies are on the rise. They can be great tools for achieving social goals. There are key factors to take into account.

Strategic renewal in institutional contexts

Organisations have to balance stability with innovation. For this, it's crucial to identify the innovation behaviours of employees.

Teams generate better ideas than individuals

Even tiny teams of two develop better ideas than individuals. Yet, many people want to generate ideas alone. Dirk Deichmann researched why.