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Latest news

Meet the Dean: video message from Prof. Ansgar Richter

The first few months, plans for education and research, and an invitation to the RSM journey.

Siemens team wins Leadership Challenges with Data Analytics at RSM

Around 25 professionals from 7 organisations completed the executive programme in January 2020.

€3.3m research funding to establish trust in the internet economy

Open-access, blockchain-based system for fostering trust: RSM, TU Delft and University of Amsterdam.

RSM’s climate change strategy elective wins award

Students around the world determined to tackle the climate emergency learn from this RSM elective.

Latest research

Stretch goals can have negative outcomes

The study shows that the paradoxical nature of stretch goals results in both intended and unintended outcomes.

Does morality in leadership matter? It depends on your definition of right and wrong.

Does morality matter for a leader? Research of Dr Hannes Leroy shows "yes", and benefits range from team performance to financial measures.

‘Recommended for you’: where does it come from?

On-line shops frequently provide customers with product recommendations accompanied by a explanation of why they recommend the product.

Stock market liquidity is key factor in firms’ decision to raise new capital

This study shows that firms raise more equity capital when stock market liquidity has recently improved.