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Taking young people’s opinions to politicians and policy makers

Vote for Hievda Elgersma’s UN student ambassador campaign.

When the digital world knocks at the university gates

Considering ‘a new kind of university’ for digital leadership: Peter Vervest’s valedictory lecture.

Top 250 growth companies in the Netherlands created 50,000 jobs last year

Scaling up is ‘all about people’ say the founders and CEOs who gathered at the entrepreurship event.

Master graduation marathon livestreamed from De Doelen

Around 1,200 MSc graduates are ready to boost the business world with their RSM degree.

Latest research

The 40th edition of RSM Discovery is now live!

Read the low-down on scale-ups in the 40th issue of RSM Discovery magazine

Transfer price negotiations: should headquarters back off or take over?

Do company headquarters have all the necessary information that divisions have when it comes to decentralized transfer price negotiations?

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Vodcast with Anne Klesse on algorithmic recommendations.

Walking the tightrope of inclusion versus exclusion in the workplace: A leadership lens

How leaders can reap the benefits of inclusion and diversity – including a tool for using within organisations.