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Latest news

For public safety and security, society’s powerful tool is science

Inaugural address from Prof. Gabriele Jacobs on organisational behaviour and culture.

RSM professor named among MSI’s top marketing academics

Prof. Stefano Puntoni was recognised for his world-class research in the field of marketing.

NVAO renews accreditation for executive master in customs

Five-year accreditation acknowledges quality of master for international trade and supply chain.

Social enterprises’ pitched battles result in two victors

The two €15,000 I WILL Awards 2018 went to start-ups by RSM students: Boxrs4ALL and Juvoo.

Latest research

Controlling the Uncontrollable – The Advertising Tug-of-War

Consumers cannot control the effects visual advertising has on them - even when making a conscious effort to change this.

Why some brands lose their value after an acquisition

An acquisition can undermine brand identity and popularity with consumers. Keeping the founders on board helps. Research by Elisa Maira.

Lessons from KFC's chicken shortage: responsiveness versus cost efficiency

'Where's my chicken?' What supply chain research teaches us about the shortage that forced KFC to close 750 of its 900 outlets.

Sustainable – but ‘disgusting’ – products become more attractive in a second language

Insect cookies, artificial meat and recycled water sound less repulsive to consumers when presented in a second language.