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Latest news

900 new bachelor graduates on their way to a business career

The ceremonies for the two BSc programmes took place at the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam.

ERIM marks 20 years of research in management

Celebrating top research coming from a research collaboration between ESE and RSM.

‘Corporate activism’ and ‘crisis communications’ theses win awards

Awards were announced at the graduation of the MSc Corporation Communications Class of 2019.

ERIM Awards for research – from diversity in teams to sustainable finance

ERIM recognised its researchers for their publications, dissertation and outstanding work.

Latest research

Stock market liquidity is key factor in firms’ decision to raise new capital

This study shows that firms raise more equity capital when stock market liquidity has recently improved.

Is cross-border co-operation in bank supervision effective?

Does cross-border co-operation in bank supervision help improving the stability of the financial system?

How people form relationships at work

Do you wonder why some employees get on well with their colleagues and others do not? Find out in Evgenia Dolgova’s research.

“Just be yourself” might not be the best advice

According to new research from Dr Hannes Leroy authenticity is not equally beneficial for everybody in every setting.