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    January 2023

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    Full-time | 12 months

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    In person

The International Full-time MBA at RSM builds the critical-thinking, problem-solving, leadership and communication skills you need to launch and sustain a world-class career in business. In any sector, in any management role, anywhere in the world. When you study at RSM, you choose a truly international learning environment with Triple Crown accreditation, and a 12-month search visa to fully explore opportunities in the Netherlands.

  • 99% international cohort, representing 40 nationalities (class of 2021)
  • 45% accepted a job offer by graduation
  • 84% found a job within 3 months after graduation
  • 60% of the employed students landed a job in the Netherlands and more than 80% found employment in the EU

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Programme overview

Class profile

The world in your classroom 

The International Full-time MBA is built on diversity. Diversity of thought, of experience, of culture, of background, of perspective. Our students come from all over the world. From a myriad of industry backgrounds. From a vast diversity of roles and functions. Each person brings his or her unique perspective, outlook and experience to a rich and challenging interchange that will upturn your preconceptions and broaden your thinking. 


Big thinkers. Industry experts. Exceptional scholars. 

RSM offers a distinct intellectual culture based on the values of being critical, creative, caring and collaborative, and we are committed to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for our mission. 

We believe that leadership can be taught through a combination of intellectual and practical challenges – like those encountered when working in diverse teams – that can foster creative new approaches in business. And we encourage a flexible, broad and sometimes iconoclastic mindset in business practice and research – from the perspective of being a force for positive change in the world at an individual and organisational level. 

Research and education by our world-class researchers and academics are among the best in the world, perfected at the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM). Our think-tank is ranked as one of the top 10 research institutes in Europe. 

At RSM, we are proud to claim:

  • More than 45 years of experience in business and management education

  • One of Europe’s top 10 research facilities

  • A consistent ranking among Europe’s top-ranked business schools

  • A place among the 1% of schools worldwide with Triple Crown accreditation

  • One of the world’s largest and most-cited business school faculty: 237 senior researchers and 112 PhD students

  • 35 Research centers

  • 150+ International partner schools.

Meet our students

Meet current and previous International Full-time MBA students.

Natalia Almendariz Perea

Full-time MBA Class of 2022


Former position: key account sales executive at Nestle in Peru

Natalia Almendariz Perea

Georgios Lampridis

Full-time MBA Class of 2022


Former position: senior consultant at Accenture in Athens

Portrait of Georgios Lampridis

Ananth Sai Reddy Eragam

Full-time MBA Class of 2022


Former position: founder and portfolio manager of an equity portfolio management firm

Ananth Sai Reddy Eragam

Ivanna Zbrutska

Full-time MBA Class of 2022


Former position: business development consultant and trade representative in Chongqing, China

Ivanna Zbrutska

Asimwe Ruganyoisa

Full-time MBA Class of 2021


Former position: reservoir engineer at Shell in Tanzania

Asimwe Ruganyoisa

Structure and curriculum

A journey that will change you and your future 

You will deep dive into the issues that really matter. You will learn, debate, discuss, exchange, persuade, and bring it all together with the international exposure to pursue your career in any sector, management role and location in the world. 

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Learning experience

So much more than a classroom 

The MBA classes are important of course – and ours rank among the top international business schools globally. But standing out in the competitive world of business takes more. You have to step out of your comfort zone and into the world around you. Students come to us from all over the world and from a vast spectrum of industries, sectors and roles. In class, in project work, on campus, on treks – the rich exchange of ideas and approach will push your boundaries and broaden your mindset exponentially.  

Study Tours

Our study tours are immersive learning experiences that expose you to the complexities of global business. Previous international study tours and topics included: 


Social impact through innovation 


Financing of companies over their lifecycles


Energy transition


Doing business in China: innovation and entrepreneurship 

Los Angeles

Marketing and behavioural economics

Washington DC

Business and politics

San Francisco

Leading during change and crisis


Digital disruption of financial services and artificial intelligence  


Digital Technologies in Operations Management


Modern Corporate Finance in theory and practice


Management Consulting


Green Economy and Sustainability


Digital Ecosystems: strategies for innovation


Behavioural economics


The power of the collective: an immersion in champagne

The Living Management Project

Every year, companies come to Rotterdam looking for help with specific business challenges. And every year, they leave with innovative new solutions developed by MBA students at RSM. This intensive, four-week project requires you to work in teams to devise a solution to a real business problem within a company, before presenting your recommendations to the company’s executives and other panel members. You will experience – and learn how to tackle – the typical challenges of a consultancy project, like inadequate information and resources, tight deadlines, and cultural differences between you and your team members. 

RSM MBA Living Management Project - Unilever

International Exchange

As part of the programme you can opt for an international exchange. Spend your fourth term at one of the more than 100 leading business schools in the RSM network. 

Events and Networking

Take full advantage of the unmistakable energy on our campus. Dive into events and networking opportunities hosted by the MBA Student Association and MBA Career Centre.

Leadership development

Personal leadership development in action

The RSM MBA and Personal Leadership Development

What kind of leader will you be? 

Leadership is comprehensively integrated across the entire MBA learning experience. We call this Personal Leadership Development (PLD). Every class, every assignment and every project is informed by a leadership development component: a challenge to apply theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios. To make decisions based on what you know and what is in front of you. To think like a real business leader. 

The Personal Leadership Development programme will help you build your leadership competencies via dialogue and interchange with inspirational peers and leaders from a broad diversity of backgrounds and cultures. 

Leading knowledge

Our faculty and professional coaches have their fingers on the newest insights and best practices from all over the world. You will have access to all of it through the PLD programme. 

Leading in action

Apply your managerial savvy through active lessons – such as in-class exercises, simulations, group work, peer reviews and mentoring opportunities.

Leading solutions 

Put your critical thinking to the test. For four weeks, you will work in teams to solve a real-world business problem for a real firm, and present your solution to executives. 

PLD helped me define, plan and reflect my learning objectives and new behaviours in a more structured way. Through this process, my classmates supported me to reach my objectives while creating a safe place to do this. I genuinely believe that the course works as a strong base for any professional

Natalia Almendariz Perea - MBA Class of 2022

I was sceptical at first, but PLD is turning out to be the most valuable take-away from the programme. It is uncomfortable, because it involves a lot of self-reflection to discover who you truly are and what it takes to get you where you want to be.

Ananth Sai Reddy Eragam - MBA class of 2022

PLD gives you a sense of self-reflection: how I view myself, how I view others, and how I can combine those two to become a better leader. You can see the progress throughout the year, and then put it all together.

Asimwe Ruganyoisa - MBA class of 2021

PLD is one of the reasons I chose RSM. It’s one of my favourite and most useful things here. It makes you analyse and self-reflect. We learned you’re not going to change your personality or perception, but we’re able to rise up and have a bird’s-eye view and not be biased by your own perspectives and experiences.

Katsiaryna Pakhomava - MBA Class of 2020