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Are formal bonus procedures actually motivating your staff?

If the goal is to motivate the better performers, then allowing managers’ space to use their discretion is a good thing.

Tracking emotions real time in the brain

Being able to accurately measure emotional experiences can serve many practical purposes. Firms can see if their product has the intended emotional effect on people.

Do we really understand the numbers we receive?

People have less understanding of numbers than companies often think. It would be easier to understand the amount of sugar in a product in discretizing units, like cubes, than in grams.

When and why we forget to buy

It’s very common to forget to buy grocery items. Dr Daniel Fernandes, Prof. Stefano Puntoni and Prof. Stijn van Osselaer researched this phenomenon and won the prestigious C.W. Park Award for it.

Understanding effective leadership development

To give this rapidly changing world the leaders it needs, we urgently need better leadership development. The Erasmus Centre for Leadership aims to do just that.

BLOG: Looking through the positive safety lens

How about a change? Focus on safety instead of lack of safety. CESAM's Dr Ilona Suojanen argues in her blog.

When to order product locally and when far away?

Should you order offshore, or from a more expensive local supplier, who can deliver sooner? Işık Biçer has developed a tool that helps to make that decision.

Entrepreneurial networking: transforming uncertainty into opportunity

When networking, entrepreneurs can't be too goal-driven. Instead, they need to be open to unexpected opportunities, according to assistant professor Mariëtte Kaandorp.

Becoming the industry standard when standardisation is not standardised

The process of standardisation isn’t standardised. So what’s the best way to make sure your product stands a chance of becoming the industry standard?

BLOG: Why ‘just’ recycling isn’t necessarily a Circular Economy

If you recycle harmful ingredients, you will make a harmful product.” How can a few simple questions help, asks Diana den Held during the Week of the Circular Economy.