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Business shutdowns save lives

Business shutdowns saved 9,000 human lives in Italy new research finds

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow
RSM Discovery magazine 38 – out now!

Issue 38: under the editorship of the Erasmus Centre for Leadership is devoted to exploring just some of the many facets of leadership.

Professor's opinion: Black Role Models Matter

Martin de Jong notes the importance of presenting all ethnic groups to a great variety of role models.

Professor's opinion: Convenient untruths - the organized self-delusion of going green

Populism lures people to develop fake feelings and follow, while authenticity is truly feeling the people and guide them to a better life.

Professor’s opinion: Better decision-making in times of crises: is reflexivity the answer?

“New information calls for a change in direction, this is a step that policymakers need to be prepared for.”

Professor’s opinion: Will the corona crisis result in a better-organised world economy?

Life after Corona: How can we design a less vulnerable socio-economic system in which welfare, climate and well-being go hand in hand.

Professor’s opinion: Effective and responsible procurement in times of crisis

Treating your suppliers responsibly in times of crisis is in your own best interest and better for the economy as a whole.

How should liquidity be brought to firms during the Covid-19 crisis?

Governments worldwide are extending #emergency funding to businesses. Charles Kahn & Wolf Wagner researched how that should be provided.

How brain measures can help to understand fairness

What causes individual differences in the motivation to be fair or selfish? And how to increase fairness?