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Ivo Martijn
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Companies give 2 billion euro's to charity annually. Dr Lonneke Roza explains the different motives corporations have to do this.

Digital community currencies for global challenges

Digital community currencies are on the rise. They can be great tools for achieving social goals. There are key factors to take into account.

Strategic renewal in institutional contexts

Organisations have to balance stability with innovation. For this, it's crucial to identify the innovation behaviours of employees.

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Even tiny teams of two develop better ideas than individuals. Yet, many people want to generate ideas alone. Dirk Deichmann researched why.

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Dirk Schoenmaker's blog on how the 2018 Nobel Prize for Economics shows that a sustainable economy is possible, if we put our minds to it.

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Corporate social responsibility has gone mainstream. But behind the scenes some corporations act quite differently on the political stage.

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Start-ups often communicate a ‘disruptive vision’ to attract investors: their product will change everything. How effective is that?

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In history, surges of innovation often suddenly occurred after long uneventful periods. Did climate change pressure people to innovate?

RSM Discovery Magazine 35: out now!

Love in organisations, climate change and innovation, why customers reject your innovations and more. RSM Discovery Magazine is out now!

Middle Managers Find Walking the Talk Is Not Easy Without Top Management Support

To be an inspirational middle manager you need behavioral integrity. But how do you do that if you are undermined by higher management?