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Latest RSM Discovery articles

BLOG: Why ‘just’ recycling isn’t necessarily a Circular Economy

If you recycle harmful ingredients, you will make a harmful product.” How can a few simple questions help, asks Diana den Held during the Week of the Circular Economy.

RSM Discovery Magazine 36: out now!

Funding for disruptive start-ups, effective leadership development, sustainable development and more. RSM Discovery Magazine 36 is out now!

Automation: is your product too good?

Making products more automated is good, right? Not always. Sometimes customers prefer less-automation, and it has everything to do with self-image.

Employer and employee engagement in CSR

Finding effective ways for organisations to implement successful corporate social responsibility initiatives is not easy. Lonneke Roza and Lucas Meijs offer a helping hand.

BLOG: Using complaints as free advice

A complaint is free advice and the Dutch Police could use more ways to listen to people’s complaints, for example: social media, says Prof. Gabriele Jacobs.

BLOG: Human rights in businesses and in business schools

The UN's guiding principles on business and human rights and sustainable development are rapidly becoming more relevant for businesses.

Large discounts hurt sales

The larger the discount, the better! Or not? Dr Zike Cao researched what effects large discounts on daily deal websites have on consumers.

BBC World News interviews Jan van den Ende

BBC World News interviewed Jan van den Ende about his research into the input of customers in the design process of new products.

The power of love in organisations

Expressed as trust, compassion, friendship and creativity, love shapes our working environment. We often ignore that, but examining it, makes a lot of sense.

BLOG: Do footballers return to form after a torn cruciate ligament?

A torn cruciate ligament is a serious football injury. Otto Koppius used advanced data analytics to see if players return to form after it.