RSM’s campus has great facilities, and it shows our community and our spirit! Our campus is on the Woudestein campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). It is being renovated and well under way to become a modern campus with a cultural and lively heart, as well as smart cooling, heating and lighting from renewable energy. We now have a great food court, more student accommodation, extra lecture rooms, study spaces and more facilities.

Welcome to campus Woudesteijn

Buildings on campus Woudesteijn

Erasmus (A) building: take the stage

A-building on Campus Woudesteijn

Erasmus food plaza: meet and eat

Erasmus Food Plaza on Campus Woudesteijn

Erasmus pavilion: vibrant campus heart

Erasmus Pavillion at Campus Woudesteijn

Mandeville (T) building: the heart of RSM

Mandeville building at Campus Woudesteijn

Bayle (J) building: more RSM here

Bayle building at Campus Woudesteijn

E-building: read all about it

E-building at Campus Woudesteijn

F-building: welcome home

F-building at Campus Woudesteijn

G-building: computers and quiet study

G-building on Campus Woudesteijn

Hatta (U) building: a home away from home

Hatta building on Campus Woudesteijn

N-building: work hard, have fun

N-building on Campus Woudesteijn

P-building: taking care of EUR

P-building on Campus Woudesteijn


Parking logo

Polak building: education and more

Polak building on Campus Woudesteijn

Q-building: conference centre

Q-Building on Campus Woudesteijn

Sanders (L) building: the humanities

Sanders building on Campus Woudesteijn

Sports centre (S): keep fit and active

Sports centre


Spar supermarket on Campus Woudesteijn

Theil (C) building: a modern and sustainable monument

Theil building on Campus Woudesteijn

Tinbergen (H) building: EUR’s tallest

Tinbergen building on campus woudesteijn

University library (B): books and journals

University library on Campus Woudesteijn

V-building: learn and shop

V-building on Campus Woudesteijn

Van der Goot (M) building: lectures, conferences and exams

M-building on Campus Woudesteijn

W-building: security gatehouse

W-building on Campus Woudesteijn