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How will you contribute to positive change?

I WILL allows you to define your goals, your ambition, your drive. It’s our forward-thinking community that asks you to say something about your future. Your I WILL statement becomes part of the spirit of RSM’s diverse community of students, researchers, staff, professors, alumni and others related to the school. Making a public commitment to your goal will allow you to achieve it faster and better. What is your goal?

When you make your I WILL statement, you join the 18,000+ others who have also created an I WILL statement; you can see everyone who has made a statement about contributing to a future we all want. There is plenty to be done to fix the world’s wicked problems – where do you want to see positive change? How will you work towards making it happen?

I WILL is everywhere at RSM, on social media and around campus where you’ll see some familiar faces. It is also integrated into your curriculum; it’s there in your bachelor programme, in your master programme, and in some of our executive education programmes.

You can make your personal I WILL statement and have your iconic black and white portrait photo taken at one of our open photoshoots. You can use your I WILL statement and photo on your CV or your LinkedIn profile, or share it with friends, family, colleagues, or peers.

What is your I WILL?

I WILL: what is your goal?

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Create your I WILL

It can be a struggle to define your goals and aspirations as one single statement.

It doesn’t look so difficult, but many of you admit to getting stuck when it comes to writing an I WILL statement that really says something about who you are, and what you want to do.

Your I WILL statement should express an ambition that is important to you; one that you want to communicate to everyone else and to the whole world. Such statements are likely to be much more meaningful and important if they reflect your own thoughts or work.

So we’ve put together some tips that might help you to make your own I WILL statement.

First, try reading some I WILL statements from other people on I WILL Everyone

They are about improving day-to-day life, dealing with setbacks and difficulties, an attitude or personal strategy, or a long-term ambition.. They are all quite different, dealing with different parts of life , but they all show the spirit of I WILL.

We want to help you write a unique statement that fits you, and that you want to share with others.

Let’s get started. Can you identify three parts of your life ‒ or broad goals ‒ that your I WILL statement could be about? For example, what you would like to achieve in your professional or personal life. Once you have done that, you can try formulating a few statements for each before making a choice.

  • Area or Goal 1……
  • Area or Goal 2……
  • Area or Goal 3……

Keep thinking. Now, quickly write four to six sentences that sum up what you would like to accomplish or change for each area or goal. For example…

  • Do better at …
  • Create a happier …
  • Be more efficient at…
  • Plan more thoroughly…

Now add your own…

Then, from this, can you write down about 10 statements about goals that are important to you?

  • I WILL ...
  • I WILL ...
  • I WILL ...
  • I WILL ...
  • I WILL ...
  • ...

Think about each I WILL statement from Step 3. Can you pick one that is both important to you personally, and would be appropriate to communicate to the outside world?

  • If you are happy with this statement, you are ready to visit the photographer – that’s Step 6.
  • If you can’t pick one statement yet, go to Step 5.

Give yourself some time to let all of your statements sink in. Think about them for a while.

  • Print them out and stick them up above your desk.
  • Look at them today – and again in a couple of days. And again next week, if necessary.
  • If you want, you can ask for feedback from peers or friends. (Make sure they understand what I WILL is about too).

I think I know which is the right one…

After this process of thinking and considering, it might become clear which one of your statements is the right one; it’s an important goal for you, it’s appropriate to show publicly as your RSM I WILL statement, and you wouldn’t be embarrassed having a colleague, a future employer or a family member see it.

I still don’t know which is the right one…

It could be that none of your statements are right – in which you might want to repeat from Step 2 (knowing what you know now) or from Step 3 (keep in mind why you rejected your first set of potential statements).

Your new I WILL statement could even be about something that you did not think of before.

Congratulations, you have now reached the final stage of creating your I WILL!

You know what you want to say ‒ you know what your I WILL statement will be.

The final step is to go to the photographer to get your I WILL photo to go with your I WILL statement, and to show it to the world.

Photo shoots are held regularly in the Mandeville building. Register to book your timeslot!

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See 18,000+ I WILL's

Discover the more than 18,000  I WILL statements made by the I WILL community since 2009. Search through the I WILL statements for your I WILL photo, or if you don't have one yet, look for your friends, classmates or colleagues and get inspired!

Look through just a few of these ambitious statements and feel the forward-thinking spirit of RSM, the enormous willpower that’s behind them, and all the energy, goals and hopes from the RSM community. Many education programmes at RSM include personal development as well as skills and knowledge; this is how we prepare students, academics and people in business to be a force for positive change in the world, as critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinkers and doers. 

Find and share your I WILL too!

Sign up for an I WILL photoshoot!

Ready to commit to your ambition and share your statement with the world? Join the I WILL photo shoots in the Mandeville Building on T3! Once you have taken your photo and submitted your I WILL statement, you will recieve your photos within 2 weeks time. 

You can choose one of the dates and time slots in the form, linked on the right, if you accept and adhere to the following:

  • You must be an RSM student, alumnus, faculty or staff member.
  • Think of your statement and fix your hair or clothes beforehand – there’s no time for this during your slot.
  • Be on time as it’s a strict time schedule.

We can’t wait to find out what drives you. What is your I WILL?

What is your I WILL?

New photoshoots will be published after the Summer. Watch this space!

Your I WILL photos

Your I WILL photos are part of your personal branding. They can help you towards your personal goal. When you use your I WILL photo with your statement, you are saying something powerful about your purpose and your ambition.

How to use them?

1. I WILL photo
Your I WILL photo spreads the word about your ambition. It shows who you are and helps you to differentiate yourself in the labour market.

2. LinkedIn photo
Your LinkedIn photo is specially formatted for your LinkedIn profile. It helps to show your ambition at a glance.

3. Colour photo
Your colour photo is for you to use any way you wish.

A reminder about the power of I WILL

I WILL expresses the spirit of everyone at RSM and its diverse community of international students, faculty, alumni, business leaders and staff, each with one unifying commitment: to make business, and business education, a force for positive change. These ambitions, and the motivation of the people behind them, are what RSM and I WILL are about.

Meet the I WILL Embassy

Behind the scenes of I WILL

The I WILL Embassy meets periodically to discuss the strategy and activities of I WILL. The ambassadors make sure the spirit of I WILL is kept alive within RSM and is integrated in everything RSM does. Ambassadors are chosen because of their professional function and their drive. They could have an academic connection to I WILL – such as Programme Management – or some social or faculty related connection, such as through STAR or RSM’s Alumni and the marketing and communications teams.

For more information about I WILL and its activities, or if you wish to submit ideas of your own to the I WILL Embassy, please contact We look forward to hearing from you! 

The current I WILL Embassy Members are:

  • Astrid Huisman, Brand Manager
  • Caroline Debets, Brand Manager STAR
  • Kalina McCarthy, Chairwoman SR Board
  • Bruno Hasa, Alumni Relations Manager
  • Jacomijn Klitsie, Associate Academic Director BSc programmes
  • Bastiaan van der Kolk, Chairman STAR Board


  • Fatma Raafat, Project Coordinator I WILL
  • Willem Koolhaas, Director Corporate Marketing and Communications
  • Yverna Bosch, Human Resources Business Partner 
  • Martine Scheij, Deputy Secretary Examination Board
  • Thomas Harden, Marketing Officer 

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