UPDATE 15 June: I WILL Award 2020

The I WILL Award final event is back on! Click on the image to find out how you can be part of the audience and decide which finalist should win the €2,000 audience prize!

How will you lead tomorrow’s world?

Your alarm goes off. You face that imminent question of whether to hit snooze or to get up.

What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning to go to that lecture or that early meeting? And no, we’re not talking about grades or salary. What drives you?

Whether you’re more of a thinker or a doer, we encourage everyone to express what their ambition is.

The I WILL statement reflects the spirit of RSM’s diverse community of students, researchers, staff, professors, and alumni.

Join 10,000 others before you in creating an I WILL statement and contribute to a future we want to see. There is plenty to do for our world, where do you want to see change? How will you work towards making it happen?

I WILL is everywhere, from social media to the walls on campus. Look around and you might see some familiar faces. It’s also integrated into the goal-setting part of the curriculum.

What is your I WILL?