I WILL Journey Stories

These people’s stories tell us how their I WILL statement went from an idea into action, and how they did it.

Diego Martin de Lagarde

Martin de Lagarde's I WILL photo

Zainab Syeda

Zainab Syeda's I WILL photo

Nazly Abd El Rahman

Nazly Abd El Rahman's I WILL statement

Esther Salem

Portrait of Esther Salem

Sofia Coscia

Portrait of Sofia Coscia

Nima Salami

Portrait of Nima Salami

Video interviews with I WILL Journey participants

The story of Tahmine Tilyayeva

Tahmine's I WILL Journey | I WILL create a society where everyone has equal opportunities

Mai Tran's I WILL Journey

Mai's I WILL Journey | I WILL start my own NGO

Thom's inspiring I WILL journey

Thom's I WILL Journey | I WILL always choose social impact over personal profit

Other inspiring stories

Get in the ring 2018 winners

Thom Uildriks and Spijk Geene receiving the I WILL award

Jeroen Burks

Jeroen Burks winning the I WILL award

Edward Hoogedoorn

Edward Hoogedoorn's I WILL photo

Niels van Deuren

Niels van Deuren's I WILL photo

Olivier Smeenk

Olivier Smeenk's I WILL photo

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