Show us what you are doing to put your I WILL into action in the I WILL Journey 2023. Share your implementation plan from between December and March to win prizes for continued learning and development such as pitch trainings, access to courses or a mentor, and also tailored prices that are suited to help you put your I WILL into practice.

The I WILL Journey

I WILL Journey

Start your I WILL Journey!

I WILL is way more than just making a public statement, it is the essence of your aspiration. What is beyond your I WILL? What do you do in your daily life to put your I WILL into action?

The I WILL Journey is open to the entire RSM community: students in any BSc, MSc or MBA programme, employees or alumni. If you’re one of the six I WILL Champions, one from each category, you will receive training, mentorship and networking opportunities – whatever helps you further implement your I WILL. Read about last year champions here

Are you eager to share with us how you are bringing your I WILL into practice?

What you could win

The champions will be awarded a package consisting of fixed prizes, which are the same for all champions, and tailored prizes.

The fixed prizes are:

  • Publicity: exposure on RSM social media channels, in RSM publications and on the RSM website according to the RSM policy for content distribution, and according to your plan for implementing your idea, and your need to reach a specific network
  • Pitch trainings:Creating a good pitch will help you make your ambition and goals clearer to yourself – and it makes it easier to know how to ask for help and resources. We will make you join an online pitch training session hosted by Pitch Academy and a face to face group training for the six champions. The training session is run by one of our own previous I WILL Get in the Ring winners Thom Uildriks. He became a Dutch champion in pitching, and is now training students and executives from all kinds of organisations in pitching
  • A one-hour consult on digital strategy, delivered by Erasmus Enterprise
  • RSM branded gifts from the RSM Store: an RSM hoodie and a dopper water bottle

Tailored prizes:

In addition to the fixed prizes, each of the six champions will be given a package of benefits based on their needs to further execute activities related to their I WILL statement, and according to the budget and further resources that RSM has allocated for supporting them. Champions will be invited to meet RSM’s Corporate Marketing and Communications department to discuss the content of their tailored package. Details are stated in the rules and regulations. Tailored benefits could be:

  • Mentoring: connect with a mentor from our RSM MentorMe community
  • A course from RSM Executive Education’s open programmes
  • Networking: access to appropriate RSM events, RSM workshops, networking, and seminars
  • A pitchvideo created by Erasmus Enterprise


Rules and regulations

The I WILL Journey is about making people act upon their I WILL statement. Six ‘champions’ will be chosen who are, according to the I WILL Journey Taskforce (“the Taskforce”), the six entries that best show the actions they have taken or plan to take to make their I WILL statement come true.

RSM’s mission statement is to be a force for positive change in the world by being critical, creative, caring and collaborative. When seeking to present the I WILL Journey champions, the Taskforce will base their decision on the following criteria:

  • The I WILL Journey recognises the entrants whose submissions are, according to the Taskforce, a proof of action and contain a clear overview of actions taken, or a plan, for having their I WILL statement put into practice
  • The I WILL Journey prizes will be handed out to the six entrants, one in each below mentioned category, whose I WILL statement and its implementation proves willpower and goal-oriented thinking
  • I WILL Journey entrants are able to demonstrate measurable indicators of success towards the implementation of their I WILL statement
  • I WILL Journey entrants have I WILL statements that have a tangible impact on the world around them – either in their personal life, in academia, business, media, sports, or public services
  • I WILL Journey entrants can clearly convey the ways in which they already worked or will work towards achieving the goals set out by their I WILL statement.

The Taskforce will look for I WILL Journey submissions that:

  1. Clearly demonstrate determination and a pursuit of excellence
  2. Create a tangible and positive impact in the person’s individual life, a society, or a community
  3. Show the themes of I WILL: compassion, teamwork, innovation, proactivity, professionalism, idealism, and ambition
  4. Clearly outline the steps taken or to be taken in putting their I WILL statement into practice and the results
  5. Indicate why the applicant’s I WILL statement is meaningful, both to them and to society.

Choosing these six champions will be the sole decision of the I WILL Taskforce, consisting of the (i) I WILL STAR Committee and (ii) a delegation of the I WILL Embassy (the governing body of the I WILL Community). Their decision will be final with no possibility of appeal. The Taskforce will make its final decision in a three-step process:

  1. Read all the submissions and select the three best entries for each of the six categories of participants as mentioned under ‘Entrant categories’.
  2. This shortlist of 18 entries is sent to the entire I WILL Embassy. The Embassy is asked to advise on the top choice per category.
  3. The Taskforce will then determine the top entry for each of the six categories. These will be announced the I WILL Journey Champions.

Selection is based on the information in the online submission form, as submitted by the entrant. All members of the I WILL Journey Taskforce and the I WILL Embassy share an equal vote at each step of the selection process. The I WILL Embassy and the Taskforce will treat each submission with utmost care; only those who are involved in decision-making will have access to each applicant’s answers.

Information about champions and their submissions can be used by RSM for marketing and communication purposes. This will include but is not limited to information about the champion as a person, his/her I WILL statement and accompanying I WILL photo, and the initial application to this challenge as well as the Taskforce’s comments on the application. Personal information will only be used after consultation with the persons involved, and no personal information will be shared if a participant objects to the nature or way RSM intends to divulge personal information.

You can apply for one of the six I WILL Journey prizes if you fall into one of these categories:

  • RSM bachelor student
  • RSM pre-master, master or PhD student
  • RSM MBA student or Executive Education participant
  • RSM alumnus who has completed one of the educational courses above
  • Member of RSM EUR/RSM BV professional support staff or faculty member
  • Anyone else related to the RSM community, who has an I WILL photo and statement (for example: corporate relations to RSM, members of RSM’s advisory bodies)

Members of the I WILL Journey Taskforce, the I WILL Embassy and the I WILL Journey organisation (RSM’s staff in the Corporate Marketing and Communications team, contact persons at the partner organisations that offer prizes to the champions) are excluded from participation in the I WILL Journey.

Entrants can only participate in the I WILL Journey as individuals in their own name. An entrant warrants that all information provided is correct and up-to-date.

Your entry should comply with Erasmus University Rotterdam’s code of integrity, that can be found here.

Entrants should complete the online submission form published on the I WILL website. Entrants can save and repeatedly access their online application form until the submission deadline on Wednesday 29 March, 2023. The submission must be accompanied by an attachment of the latest version of the entrant’s official I WILL black and white photo with their I WILL statement as handed out by I WILL after the entrants’ participation in one of the I WILL photoshoots.

All entries must be submitted through the official online form. Only entries submitted and received before or on 29 March will be judged.

The champions will be announced on 12 May the latest by email and on RSM’s social media accounts.

  • The prizes will not be granted if the quality of entries do not meet the requirements as set out in the selection criteria
  • You can only participate with your latest I WILL photo taken. The I WILL statement you will use as the base of your participation in this Journey should be the one that is on your I WILL photo.                                                                

Prizes cannot be shared. One entrant in each category will win the prizes and all further communications with RSM’s Corporate Marketing and Communications Department will be with that entrant.

I WILL Journey 2021-2022

Our I WILL Journey Champions 2021-2022 are leading examples of putting an I WILL into action – people who have not only thought through the implementation of their I WILL statement, but who have also put their idea into practice. Read all about Hugo Valdivia, alumnus (full-time MBA 2013) and Benedikt Albertsen, current BSc International Business student (2023), on becoming I WILL Journey Champions. 

As I WILL Journey Champions, Hugo and Benedikt received a benefit package that included mentoring, training, publicity and entrance to RSM events. The exact contents of the benefit package were tailored to the needs of each Champion, ensuring they could further execute the activities related to their I WILL statement.  

Why they were chosen 

Both Hugo and Benedikt stood out to the I WILL Journey jury because they were both actively achieving their I WILLs during their Journey. They proved that they were bringing their ambitions into reality through their projects. Even though Hugo’s project was just getting started, he clearly demonstrated his tremendous spirit of initiative. He showed a viable path to take his I WILL from concept to pilot to realisation. Benedikt had a personal development story and journey that has close ties to the world of business and business education. In that way, his ideas were applied in a relevant environment.  

Hugo Valdivia

“I WILL contribute to the development of my hometown, Chiclayo”  

RSM MBA Alumnus and founder of the Silentus app, Hugo’s I WILL Journey surrounds the development of his hometown, Chiclayo, Peru. Chiclayo is in severe municipal crisis, and the biggest issue is the collection and management of household waste. For this reason, Hugo has taken it upon himself to research, assess and implement a pilot project to help the citizens of Chiclayo gain other options for their waste disposal and recycling.  

Hugo Valdivia

Benedikt Albertsen

 “I WILL fight injustice with justice” 

Benedikt, set to graduate in 2023 from RSM with a BSc in International Business, is focused on fighting climate change and inequality. Benedikt’s I WILL Journey has combined those two with the foundation of, SAROWA, a start-up company inspired by the principles of Nigerian Ogoni tribesman Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa. SAROWA upcycles overshoot fabrics from the fashion industry that have been tossed into landfills. His company repurposes those fabrics into unique, sustainable products. Additionally, every person working for SAROWA receives a fair wage for their efforts. 

Benedikt Albertsen

Inspiring stories

There are thousands of good ideas for positive change in the I WILL community. We’ve chosen a few of the most inspiring stories from those who have already made their I WILL happen, and are highlighting them here. These people’s stories tell us how their I WILL statement went from an idea into action, and how they did it.

Diego Martin de Lagarde

Martin de Lagarde's I WILL photo

Zainab Syeda

Zainab Syeda's I WILL photo

Nazly Abd El Rahman

Nazly Abd El Rahman's I WILL statement

Get inspired

Read how others made their I WILL come true