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Welcome to the Case Development Centre (CDC) at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). Our business teaching cases are among The Case Centre's 2022 top 15 best-sellers and have won various prizes. Two of our free cases ranked in the top ten across all categories, with an additional case making the top 15 in Entrepreneurship: Fairphone: organising for sustained social impact. These thought-provoking cases are designed to shape the future of business, explore innovation, strategy, and the pursuit of sustainable practices.

Join us on this transformative journey as we empower educators and students worldwide. Explore our case collection and unlock the potential for sustainable business growth and social impact.

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This case series derives from RSM’s initiative to embed SDGs in its curriculum.

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Our services

Case Development

If you’re working on a case, working on a white paper – or have an idea that needs developing, then we can offer guidance, assistance and training. Here’s a list of links to the services of the RSM Case Development Centre.

Case writing

Why do businesses succeed – or fail? We can learn from real-world successes and failures written up in business case studies that address everyday business issues such as ethics, sustainability, change management, marketing, brand management, crisis management, and accounting. Case studies show the key elements of business studies in context; real information and examples bring the issue to life.

Complex scenarios

These studies are widely used in business schools around the world, where reading and discussing complex, real-life scenarios helps business and management students to develop skills in analytical thinking and reflective judgment. Likewise, learning to write business case studies and white papers for reports and proposals is a valuable tool for addressing business challenges.

Guided courses

RSM’s Case Development Centre (CDC) runs guided business case writing courses and workshops for students at all levels, as well as preparing high-quality and award-winning business case studies itself. RSM CDC business cases are widely used in business and management education around the world.

For business managers, leaders, and academics, CDC also runs courses on writing white papers and reports.

Guided case writing

Well-written business cases not only help managers in other firms face their challenges. They can also boost your company’s reputation by displaying best practices and good management.

So, you’ve got a great story, rich data or an interesting proposal that you can make into a business case? CDC provides guidance and support for managers preparing business cases. Here’s how it’s done:

  • What’s the problem or issue you solved or improved? We’ll review your data and records with you and discuss how to approach writing the business case. You can then develop a synopsis.
  • We provide detailed feedback that will help you to develop a more detailed outline. You might need to prepare interviews to complete your data. We can guide and help you through this with devising interview questions, conducting interviews, or even accompanying you to the first interview. Then you start writing your first draft, and we help you with the revisions process.
  • When your revised text meets the standards demanded by publishers of business case studies, we’ll help you to polish it, with professional editing and proofreading, and we’ll help you to clear copyrights. Your business case study will be published by CDC via reputable outlets.

Case workshops

We can help you improve your case teaching or writing skills in just a day. Our Case Teaching and Case Writing workshops aim to help people – academic staff, business professionals, and others – to develop, write and teach cases. 

Case Teaching Workshop

Case studies are a common tool for learning and teaching. A teaching case is a snapshot of an actual situation – it describes a challenge faced by an organisation and compels students to step into the shoes of its decision-makers and come up with solutions. 

RSM CDC is dedicated to the case method. If you are new to the method or wish to use the method more skillfully, the Case Teaching Workshop is for you. By using a combination of discussion, theory and practical exercises, the workshop give insight into the dynamics of the case method, as well as suggesting techniques and tools for managing the process in the classroom and analyzing the needs of specific audiences. 

The workshop helps you:

  • select the most suitable case material;
  • decide the right approach for your audience;
  • navigate class discussion; 
  • manage class dynamics.  

Case Writing Workshop

Our Case Writing Workshop teaches you the framework to write your own case quickly, easily and with confidence.

A good case writer can explain a highly technical subject in a non-technical way and engage readers with a vivid story. At the workshop, you have the opportunity to develop your case with professional guidance while learning the art and science of case writing. 

You will be coached in: 

  • case writing techniques;
  • interviewing and desk research techniques; 
  • finding the ‘hook’ for your case; 
  • writing the opening section; 
  • structuring the case; 
  • outlining the teaching note; 
  • making an action plan to complete the case; 
  • arranging case release. 

CDC cases – distributed by Ivey Publishing, Harvard Business Publishing, SAGE Publishing, and the Case Centre (former European Case Clearing House) – are used by universities and business organisations worldwide. Some of our cases have won international prizes and appeared as articles in the Financial Times and Harvard Business Review. We will draw on our experience and knowledge and help you develop cases that you can be proud of.

We give workshops several times a year. If you are interested, you can always contact us via cdc@rsm.nl, and we can inform you about the upcoming workshops. 

Case optimisation

Optimise your teaching cases and publication submissions

If you already have cases prepared for using in class or for publication, we can help you to optimise them.

Feedback on teaching cases

You will get detailed feedback on your teaching cases and teaching notes from our skilled and experienced team of case writers. We start with the fundamentals: teaching and learning objectives, discussion questions and potential solutions, content and layout, before helping you to diagnose the important issues in each of your cases. That will involve:

  • checking the quality of material against learning objectives
  • ensuring there is potential for multiple interpretations
  • making sure your purpose and direction is not obscured by unnecessary detail
  • checking for clarity of language and ease of reading.

You can use our feedback to test your case, revise it and pilot it for best teaching results.

Quality checks on publication cases

If your case is for publication, our experienced case editors check the quality of writing, style, punctuation and grammar. What do academic researchers think of your cases? We ask them to review your cases and teaching notes and provide feedback from their theoretical perspectives. An academic review of your material can enhance the suitability and usability of your teaching case in class.

Information for

Case studies are a popular teaching method in management education and in-company trainings. Participants work to solve real-life business challenges and learn from actual decisions taken by managers.

RSM’s Case Development Centre provides published cases to a wide range of users. We also offer a number of services to our clients, including case writing courses, guided case writing services, case method workshops, and case material optimisation. We constantly innovate our case content and presentation to meet user needs in the digital age.

By working with CDC, organisations can benefit in many ways:

  • Showcasing expertise or leadership;
  • Enhancing reputations in professional communities;
  • Increasing public awareness of services, products, innovations or social responsibility;
  • Facilitating internal training and team development;
  • Recruiting new talent; and
  • Strengthening ties with academia and with Erasmus University Rotterdam’s business schools.

Individuals and organisations can access the entire RSM case collection through The Case Centre. Depending on the content and purpose of use, some cases are offered for free.

Staff at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) have free access to all RSM cases. There are currently over 200 cases available, and new cases are always being added. EUR staff can browse the collection in our Case Catalogue and request copies of the cases and/or teaching notes they wish to use in their teaching.

Faculty at RSM also have priority access to CDC services: case writing by CDC staff, guided case writing to facilitate you in creating your own, workshops on how to use the case method and how to develop cases, and case material optimisation. We can also help you to select suitable case materials and advise you on integrating them in your teaching. 

In addition to the RSM case collection, the UK-based Case Centre offers free cases produced by many other universities. Erasmus University Library also has a subscription to the SAGE business case collection that is free to all EUR staff. 

For RSM MSc programme teachers

RSM has a contract with Harvard Business Publishing that allows teachers to use five Harvard cases per student per year at a reduced rate in MSc programmes. This manual explains how to incorporate Harvard cases into the Canvas pages for your course. 


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