We can learn from real-world successes and failures written up in business case studies that address everyday business issues such as ethics, sustainability, change management, marketing, brand management, crisis management, and accounting. Case studies show the key elements of business studies in context; real information and examples bring the issue to life. Find several cases from the Case Development Centre on this page.


Andradas Case

The case provides unique materials for discussing a number of important topics, such as sustainability, building brands, agriculture and the coffee industry.

Coffee of Andradas

Commonland Case

Commonland has the ambition to restore 100 million hectares of degraded land worldwide by 2040. What should the financials for the farmers look like? 


Lesbos Case

Thousands of asylum seekers are living in inhumane and dangerous conditions. What can stakeholders do together to rescue this ‘sinking boat’?


TomTom Case

TomTom has to find new ways to communicate with its business customers and showcase its advanced technologies. How could TomTom best do that?

Cars on the road

Wizenoze Case

COVID-19 was a catalyst that sparked growth for online education. But where should Wizenoze go from here? 


Marieke Snijders
Marieke Snijders
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