Wizenoze is an EdTech company offering learners access to education content and resources on the internet according to their age and reading levels. It has developed an AI-driven ranking system that, unlike popular search engines, shows the best results based on educational quality instead of commercial metrics. Customers can subscribe to Wizenoze’s service and a developer would integrate Wizenoze in the customers’ platforms via an API. Wizenoze service is available in English, Dutch, and Arabic.

Executive Summary

This multi-source rich case offers opportunities to engage students in a wide variety of topics related to technology, innovation, marketing, entrepreneurship and strategy. It describes the challenges facing CEO and co-founder Diane Janknegt of Wizenoze, an Amsterdam-based EdTech start-up, as her company moves towards a broader commercialization and fast international growth.

Authors and Contributors

This case was written by Stefano Puntoni, Professor of Marketing at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University, and Kassiani Nikolopoulou, freelance case writer at the RSM Case Development Centre.

The authors wish to thank Diane Janknegt, Wizenoze CEO and co-founder, and Tao Yue, Managing Editor at the RSM Case Development Center, for their time and input.

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