Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation

Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation


How can research and education promote new methods of sustainable value creation in practice? Rotterdam School of Management has established a platform to foster thought-leadership and excellence in sustainable value creation. The platform works closely with the finance industry, NGOs and other academic partners to develop new methods and identify best practices.

Neo-classical finance theory finds it difficult to address the sustainability challenges adequately. New methods are needed to incorporate sustainability (environmental, social and governance factors) into asset pricing and valuation. Moreover, corporate governance is making a transition towards long-term value creation as the ultimate goal for corporates.

How do these new approaches in asset pricing and corporate governance fit with the current dominance of shareholder thinking (which is often short term)? Is the stakeholder approach better able to incorporate sustainability considerations?

To address these questions an interdisciplinary approach is needed, whereby the fields of finance, economics, sustainability, strategic management and law are connected. Rotterdam School of Management in cooperation with the economics and law faculties at Erasmus University can deliver such an integrated approach.

The purpose of the Erasmus Platform for Sustainable Value Creation is to develop new insights through research (academic faculty and PhD students) and education (bachelor students, master students, MBAs and executive education) in close collaboration with leading sustainable finance players in the industry and academia.