Corporate Communication Centre is a joint initiative of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and the business community, and aims to educate the next generation of communication leaders.  Now more than ever organisations rely on seasoned communication professionals to help them grow, maintain and protect their reputations in a political and media environment that is active 24/7 and constantly evolving. To play their part in this dynamic environment, communication professionals need to be equipped with the right mix of competencies and leadership skills to manage the organisation’s reputation and be a force for positive change.

About CCC

The Corporate Communication Centre (CCC) is a joint initiative of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and the business community, and aims to develop and expand knowledge in the field of corporate communication. Corporate communication is a management instrument that harmonizes all consciously used forms of internal and external communication as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to achieve a positive corporate reputation.

Part-time Executive Master of Science in Corporate Communication
The CCC offers the Part-time Executive Master of Science in Corporate Communication. We have offered this master programme since 1998 to communication professionals who wish to further enhance their careers. The aim is to provide strategic, leadership and management skills, as well as in-depth knowledge of corporate communication, reputation management and related disciplines. Participants who complete the whole programme are rewarded with a master degree from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The most advanced knowledge in the field of Corporate Communication is being translated to the academic world and to the business environment not only by offering training and executive courses, but also through the organisation of seminars, and via one scientific journal, the international journal 'Corporate Reputation Review'. 

Our mission is to educate the next generation of communication leaders.


The Part-time Executive Master of Science in Corporate Communication is a one-of-a kind programme and has a proven track record of world class corporate communication education. A programme that inspires and prepares communication professionals through top-notch academic theory, practical relevance and personal development for future success. You can follow the programme in your own pace and tailor it to suit your career interests and organisation’s needs.

You will learn from and have access to world-class faculty members and leaders of industry in the field of communication. You will collaborate with other global talented senior managers and directors to solve real-world business cases and build a network for life.

Stand-alone courses
If you’re not ready to commit to the master programme but want to develop yourself on a professional and personal level, you can choose to follow the foundation course and the advanced elective courses on a stand-alone basis. These short courses can give your career a boost, with no obligation to complete the entire programme. You will receive a certificate to confirm successful completion of each course. Discover what is upcoming, please visit

In addition to the MSc programme, we also offer in-company workshops and open executive programmes to upgrade one's knowledge in a specific field of corporate communication.

Book of Abstracts

We are proud to present the abstracts of the theses that have been written by the Graduates of the Executive International MSc Programme Corporate Communication.

All participants are required to write a thesis in order to assess their analytical ability and accumulated knowledge. The thesis is evaluated on the basis of the same standards applied to full-time business administration students. It focuses on a practical corporate communication issue in a real-life setting. Participants often choose to research a problem within their organisation. Past subjects have included brand leadership, corporate stories, effective communication strategies, and the use and abuse of propaganda.


Marijke Baumann

Executive Director
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Ahong Gu

Marketing Consultant
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Prof. Joep Cornelissen

Academic Director
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Susanna Marco

Progr. & Admission Advisor
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Olivia Zhang

Programme officer
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Corporate Reputation Review

The Corporate Communication Centre publishes the international peer-reviewed journal. The Corporate Reputation Review, specializing in disseminating knowledge about reputations and reputation management. Corporate Reputation Review provides in-depth, cutting edge articles, case studies and conceptual papers on recent developments, latest thinking and best practice in reputation management, and answering the questions that matter. View the Corporate Reputation Review online for more details.


Visiting address and postal address

The Corporate Communication Centre is located in the Mandeville Building of the Erasmus University.

Visiting address:
Campus Woudestein
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