COVID-19 is not the only change driver in Corporate Communications functions. Communications leaders identified additional forces impacting changes to their function and agenda, with business transformation at the top of the list. Shifting expectations of corporations and their leaders to take positions on social issues, particularly in the United States, also emerged as a central driver of the Corporate Communications agenda.

The Future of Corporate Communication, Edelman (2021)


Please find below a schedule of executive courses/advanced elective courses related to corporate communication, reputation management and related disciplines. The courses are offered online or in-person on the Erasmus University Campus. 

Programme 2024

January | Online

Winter Foundation Course in Corporate Communication

Acquire an in-depth view of the latest developments, tools, and practical and academic insights into subjects such as organisational identity, corporate branding, strategic reputation management, strategic corporate communication and corporate storytelling.

Winter Foundation Course
March | In-person

Crisis Communication

This masterclass will cover all aspects of crisis communication for managers. You will learn specific tools to apply before, during, and after a crisis hits. You will learn through a combination of interactive lectures, real-life case discussions, video clips and interactive exercises.

April | Hybrid

Corporate Branding

Understand how to build internally driven authentic and ethical corporate brands. And learn the building process for a strong and enduring corporate brand that gives focus to the entire organisation and aligns its diverse stakeholders towards sustained value creation. 

April | In-person

Navigating the Stakeholder Media Landscape

How can you deal with these new vectors of influence, analyse their roots and effects with the help of investigative tools, and refine appropriate strategies? Learn to identify strategies appropriate to mainstream
media, stakeholder-driven media, social media and fake news in this three-day masterclass.

May | In-person

Finance for Communication Professionals

Having a good understanding about the context in which these financial topics develop, will help you to be part of the business. This masterclass will cover the fundamentals of financial reporting, clarify the core components of financial statements, and address the importance of financial value concepts.

June | In-person

Summer Foundation Course in Corporate Communication

Be presented with the latest developments, insights, and best practices in corporate communication and business administration from our academic faculty and visiting business practitioners.

Summer Course in Corporate Communication
September | In-person

Strategic Communication

The three-day course on Strategic Communication focuses on how to identify strategic threats and contributions to organisations that can be managed by corporate communications.

October | Online

Reputation Management

This course is designed to equip you with the skills and expertise to unpack the various building blocks of strategic reputation management, such as causes, moderators and consequences of different reputation strategies in stakeholder relationships.

November | In-person

Corporate Responsibility

This masterclass focuses on the corporation’s responsibility to its key constituencies such as customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and the environment, in all parts of their operations. This concept extends beyond obligations to comply with regulations alone, and finds companies taking further steps voluntarily to ‘do well by doing good’.

November | In-person

Organisational Change

This three-day masterclass about organisational change examines theories of change and development applied to organisations, groups and individuals. It explores how theoretical perspectives of change are reflected in the range of approaches applied to the diagnosis and solving of problems in organisations.

December | In-person

Digital Communication

This three-day course focuses on the transformation that technology has brought to the field of corporate communication, and how you can make effective use of it. You will develop valuable knowledge for optimising your organisation’s digital corporate communications.

Key benefits

  • You will be able to put into practice what you have learned
  • You will be presented the latest research, in a clear and understandable manner
  • The faculty for all programmes include world-class academics from various backgrounds, which ensures high-quality teaching
  • Visiting business practitioners are highly experienced and share their practical knowledge with you
  • Expand your network, and learn from other professionals.